Yes, the House voted today to approve the debt limit deal, 269-161. But there was a tear jerker human moment during this vote. Rep. Gabby Giffords - eight months after being shot in the head, made a triumphant return to the House.

Giffords, a member of the Arizona delegation, cast a vote in favor of the debt ceiling.

Some, (I'm looking at you, digby) will always try to make political hay and points out of Gifford's return and throw dirty disgusting comments around, but I choose to join Leader Pelosi and recognize Gabby as our sister and as Pelosi so aptly said, the personification of courage. Welcome back, Gabby!

Feel free to use this as an evening/night open thread. If you haven't noticed, we have got quite a bit of new interest in The People's View. I did not expect to be tweeted over 300 times and Facebooked over 1,700 times when I posted my morning article about the debt limit deal and how the President left Boehner holding the teabag. I want to welcome all the new visitors and pragmatic progressives to The People's View!

But don't let that overshadow TiMT's fantastic work taking the Professional Left and Daily Kos frontpagers to task on their vile hatred against the President.

Today's been an amazing day, and I am so grateful for all of you. This is your thread. Let's all welcome Gabby back!

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