Weekend Pragprog Link Share

This week's pragprog link share is mixed with a couple of important news stories first:
  • The famine in East Africa is taking an even direr form, and hundreds of thousands of kids could die. Jill Biden visited there to draw international attention. If you can, please help.
  • Goodwin Liu, a brilliant liberal legal scholar at UC Berkeley whose confirmation to the federal bench was blocked by Republicans, is now headed to the nation's most consequential state court: the California Supreme Court. Bravo to Gov. Brown for the nomination.
And here is the pragprog sweep:
By the way, Michele, isn't the Speaker of the House from your party? How come you are not bugging him to bring Congress back in session? Oh that's right, Congress is in session, pro-forma session - you know, like when you go on vacation and and are still considered present at work. What, that's now how it works at your job, Mr. and Madam American? Sucks to be you, I guess. And oh, Mr. Speaker, where are the jobs bills?

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