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It's that time of the week again - time to take a look at what our partners in crime throughout the pragmatic progressive blogosphere have been up to. It's been an exciting week politically - with the debt limit drama, the ensuing stock market drama, and now the S&P credit downgrade (I'm still working on a piece on this). But we can't let slip the fact that big recall elections are coming up in Wisconsin, and they need our help!

Here goes the linky goodness:
  • Allan over at Angry Black Lady Chronicles has a rundown on the prep for the recall elections in Wisconsin, the GOP dirty tricks and how you can get involved and help show the Teahadists the door.
  • Our very own Eclectablog stresses on his blog that the effort to recall Michigan's GOP Teahadist governor Rick Snyder is still on. Read the details there and lend a hand if you can.
  • The last week has been an exciting one here on the debt limit compromise as you guys sent this blog viral, but don't miss Leanne's coverage at Blue Wave News on the White House countering media spin on the debt deal.
  • The Mep Report covered the courage of Gabby Giffords and the competence of President Obama, and asked for a commitment from all of us.
  • The Reid Report broke it down about the Glenn Greenwalds of the world, exposing him/them for their Paulite, Naderite dreams. Granted this article is from April but everyone needs to read this: Re-rise of the Naderites: Glenn Greenwald’s third party dreamin’.
  • The Fierce Advocate has launched a new feature: The N Word Watch, in honor of Pat Buchanan.
So that's that. As usual, the floor is yours, as is this open thread.

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