A Tribute to American Women on the 91st Anniversary of Suffrage

Women's right to vote turns 91 today. The women's suffrage movement is recognized as one of the earliest equality movements in this country, and the women who were part of that movement keep inspiring generations. From women's suffrage to establishing a woman's right to choose, from battling workplace discrimination to fighting domestic violence, women have made America the beacon of hope that it is. From Hillary Clinton's declaration that women's rights are human rights to Nancy Pelosi's assent to the Speaker of the House, American women have made equality not just a word but a cause.

And women have been at the forefront of every civil rights movement in this country. If Susan B. Anthony is to be remembered for blazing the trail for women's suffrage, who can forget Coretta Scott King and Rosa Park's gift to the African American civil rights movement, or Dolores Huerta's leadership of the United Farm Workers movement for immigrants' rights? The lesbian rights movement quite correctly can be called the mother of the larger movement for equality for all irrespective of sexual orientation or gender identity.

In the name of that tribute, here are a few moments that stand out and make us proud to be Americans and American women who we can be proud of every day:

Let's start with a salute to Coretta Scott King:

And follow it up with a Song for Cesar by Dolores Huerta:

Hillary Clinton calls on the world: Women's rights are human rights.

Nancy Pelosi: For all of America's children, the House will come to order.

And wouldn't we be remiss if we didn't remember a South Side Girl?

With that, my salute also to all the mothers, wives, sisters, daughters and lovers in America. From women who teach us in school to those who teach us at home, from the women who protect their households to those women who wear the uniform of our country to protect America, from the women give us the grit to be who we are to the women who show us the strength of grace, we all salute you.

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