Stab in the back and the Disappointment Choir

David Atkins writes to defend the progressive campaign against President Obama. Apparently those of us who consider the progressives harmful not only use "straw man arguments" but we are defenders of "neoliberal" politics, want to "compromise at all costs" and have sacrificed any "core principles" we may have ever had. But that's not the worst thing about us:
Ultimately, the argument made by the Administration's most active defenders against progressives is a version of the Dolchstoßlegende: progressives are stabbing Dems in the back by not being supportive enough of the President, and would be much more useful if they got in line and clapped louder
Marvel at that Gothic ß in a phrase meaning "stab in the back legend" - a story that the Nazis and other right wingers used to blame the German loss in World War One on leftists and Jews and other riff-raff. It's not that we disagree with Atkins criticisms of the President, it's that we are unprincipled neoliberals embracing a Nazi myth to try to enforce mindless clapping for compromise at any cost. I feel like I need to practice an evil laugh and kick a puppy or something. Those progressives are so brave to stand up to such an assault!

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