Keith Olbermann is a Blogistan Rookie

keith olbermann dunno bloggin'So Keith Olbermann has a sad. Aww. Why? Because an Obama staffer happened to send along my article on the merits of the debt limit deal to some supporters. Or more aptly because I took on the Firebagger Lefty Blogosphere's whining and moaning. Of course, neither Keith nor any of his worshipers bothered to actually read the article and consider the merits that the President came out the winner in the deal, but I assume that is because they have no counterarguments against those points. Even the Professional Left's Patron Saint Paul Krugman wouldn't touch the merits of my argument, instead choosing (just like Keith) to have a proxy fight with the Obama campaign about what I wrote. One has to wonder if it's because Keith doesn't want his viewers to know that he actually has no comebacks on the merits against an article written by some kid in an ity bity blog.

Anyway, here is the video:

See, Keith is so afraid of the actual article that he won't even link it from in his "related links" section of the segment, The Worst Person in the World. I guess the article you just read three different places from to do the first part of this segment is not ... err... related to the segment, eh, Mr. Olbermann?

But I don't want you to actually miss out on some of the pure, unadulterated hilarity that Keith caused to anyone who was has been paying attention. First of all, Keith has an issue with my comparing the consequences of not raising the debt ceiling with an economic 9/11. He thinks it's a "baaad" analogy. Why? Currently, 42% of our obligations are funded by debt. Keith doesn't think that 42% of the federal spending suddenly being cut out - nearly 11% of our total gross domestic product suddenly disappearing would put us into a catastrophe? Keith doesn't believe that 11% of our GDP disappearing would be a shock of monumental proportions to Americans? Or am I just not getting this and Keith is now a debt ceiling denier in the mold of Michele Bachmann - that he thinks that nothing would happen if we didn't raise the debt limit?

But wait, it gets better. Hilarity ensued with me - and I am certain in many corners of the watchers - when Keith said this:
The Firebagger Lefty blogopshere got the President nominated in 2008.
Ha! Ahahahahahaha! See what it just did? I can't stop laughing again. See, Keith Olberman is evidently a Blogistan rookie. He either wasn't around, didn't read, or plain making crap up about what went on in the Left-side blogosphere during the primaries.

First, the Lefty blogosphere - myself included - supported not Barack Obama but John Edwards. After Edwards dropped out, there was plenty of support for then-Sen. Hillary Clinton, and it remained that way until Clinton herself started campaigning majorly negatively and made bad mistakes - like the "red phone" ad a so forth. I might also remind Keith that by the time Edwards dropped out, Obama was already racking up and ahead in elected delegate count, a lead he never lost. Given the blogs' support of Edwards first, and split second, it is not an overstatement that Barack Obama won the nomination despite the Lefty blogosphere, and certainly not because of them. As for the argument of whether Obama can win without them, he already has. Frankly, no one is begging the Firebaggers to help Obama. We are asking them to stay the hell out of the way.

Oh, by the way, Keith, Jane Hamsher - whose blog Firedoglake gets the honor of both originating and being the first targets of the "firebagger" term - was nowhere ever close to being an Obama supporter during the primaries. Clinton strategist Mark Penn promoted his book on Firedoglake. Hell, Hamsher was writing articles in June of 2008 talking about how Obama needed Hillary Clinton (maybe on the ticket) because "white women" had turned against him. I admire Secretary Clinton, but to say that the blogosphere - especially the precursors to today's firebaggers - are responsible for Obama's nomination is a pure myth. And so long as you are whining about us using the term "firebagger", how about you put on the air your pal's racist work, blackface?

Second of all, there was nothing of the proportion of today's Firebagger side, mostly because Obama hadn't gotten elected yet, and they hadn't started screeching and clawing the chalkboard quite so loudly. I don't know how one can say something that did not exist in anywhere close to current form was responsible for President Obama's nomination. And just why do you suppose, Keith, that The People's View - and my friends in the pragmatic progressive blogs - are growing? Why are we at a stage when we can be a pain in your thorn? It's because the "mainstream" Lefty blogs have failed to adequately represent the message of the President's progressive accomplishments, and have given themselves into yelling, screaming, and unparallelled cynicism. And unfortunately, they have utterly failed to represent key parts of the Democratic base - minorities. In fact, the visitor demographic of Daily Kos is overwhelmingly white, male, over 50, and affluent - hardly a representation of the Democratic base.

So people have sought out new places and new communities. And we have built those communities. And we have broken the monopoly of the establishment, and we are only going to grow stronger.

You, then, Keith, have missed not only where the blogs were back in 2007 and 2008, but you have no idea where they are today. But hey, that is to be expected of a rookie like yourself. Have a good one, Keith.

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