Black Caucus blame Obama but they need to look in mirror too!

Last night on MSNBC Melissa Harris did a piece about the so-called African-American flap between the President and Black Caucus members that was amazing. The piece excoriated the Black Caucus Members for putting all the blame on the President. She thought their attitude was somewhat "puzzling" since the black unemployment rate has been always high under other Presidents including Clinton. Where were they yelling and screaming then? She basically said that the Black Caucus members need to take responsibility with regards to the high unemployment in their communities and so do the voters who keep voting them back in even though some of them do corrupt things and have their own legal issues to worry about. Yet, they are loud and proud and are calling out the President who has never rejected his 'blackness'. He identifies as a proud AA male and he understands the crisis but he cannot do it alone. It is time that everybody take some responsibility for the jobs crisis in this country and not put it all at the feet of the President. This includes Black Caucus Members and all Senators and Reps from other communities. Like Harris said 'we are all in this together'. See her take apart Black Caucus in her piece last night. It was truly an awesome thing to see!!!

Editor's note: Here is the video of Melissa Harris Perry from last night. :-)

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