You Can't Demoralize Me By Your Blame-Obama-For-Everything Narrative


Blame Obama for the Economy.

Blame Obama for Gas Price.

Blame Obama for the Deficit.

Blame Obama for the Oil Spill and securing $20,000,000,000 from BP.

Blame Obama for the Recovery.

Blame Obama for creating 2 million plus private sectors jobs.

Blame Obama for saving the Auto Industry and making them profitable.

Blame Obama for waiting too long to repeal DADT.

Blame Obama for extending Unemployment Insurance.

Blame Obama for the genocide in Libya.

Blame Obama for the Financial Melt Down.

Blame Obama for Bush's recession.

Blame Obama for Health Care Reform.

Blame Obama for doubling the new gas mileage standards but short of 100 MPH.

Blame Obama for allowing subsidies to be available to the uninsured and families with income at poverty level.

Blame Obama for the 40 years of deregulation.

Blame Obama for the financial reform act.

Blame Obama for not doing much for the poor.

Blame Obama for increasing the amount of federal Pell Grant awards

Blame Obama for seeking compromise.

Blame Obama for appointing not so liberal enough Supreme Court judges.

Blame Obama for Bush's war.

Blama Obama for losing elections.

Blame Obama for all the gossip and sensationalized unsourced stories.

Blame Obama for establishing a credit card bill of rights

Blame Obama for whatever the fuck there is to blame him with.

Blame Obama for exceeding in 18 months what Clinton and Carter achieved in a combined 12 years.

Blame Obama for having any sorts of ideas to solve our nations problem while he is held hostage.

Gawd, some dude praised the teabaggers for having principle and how Obama is irrelevant with no principle.

Some progressive sites seem like they has turn into a Republican zone if you ask me.

You can't demoralize me.

You can't make me hate him.

You can't make me lie about him.

You can't tell me this is about policy while you can't keep drooling your hateful words.

You can't tell me there is no racism in so called progressive communities. You should check out the daily spin to undermine Obama while using bigoted and racist framing.

You can't tell me to believe Democrats are defeated. We knew they were defeated in the mid-term while you are doing the same old hair is on fire chest pump dance move all along.

Blame Obama for the debt ceiling problem by any means possible for trying to do what he can with the cards he has been dealt when the alternatives are rolling back failure.

Fuck, don't you know that it is impossible for one person to single-handily bring down an entire nation in two and half years?

Don't you know that it takes a majority to push an agenda? Where the heck were you during the mid-term election when you were aiding more and better whatever but not Democrats?


You are hopeless when you spend all your time criticizing the President than the Republicans.

Funny, you got on the HOPE bandwagon thinking that your imaginary world will come through for you by Obama's magic wand.

Anyone interested in watching some freak show, check out the wreck list for more blame framing at any time of the day and it doubles up on Sundays.

There are a lot of folks who are sleepless to catch that magic wand. Guess what, at the pace the angry and hatred displayed by the very small vocal sensationalists, that magic wand is a hopeless case.

You can drool out of your mouth all you want but until we own the majority and reverse the power structure in 2012 by electing more and better Democrats, you are doomed to push for any radical progressive change.

There are a bunch of hopeless so called progressives who think any decision made by President Obama is not progressive enough. What they don't know is that progress is like a building block you just have to keep building on.

And to those of you who understand the predicament of this Administration, don't let them demoralize you.

Most of us are HOPEFUL. Keep it real and understand our political limitation.

Don't let a small number of those who were drinking the HOPE kool-aid during the 2008 campaign mess you up with the reality of what you know is a broken political system we live in.

President Obama is not our enemy. He is our friend.

To those who were drinking the HOPE kool-aid with an imaginable expectation, I got news for you. You ain't going to demoralize me. You are not going to demoralize us. Count on it.

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