Weekend Pragprog Linky Goodness and Update on the Debt Limit

Lot's been happening this past week. And the pragprog blogosphere has been an excellent source for great information and discussion, as usual. So here's this weekend's link-list:
  • BPI Campus covers the famine crisis in East Africa, its brutal human toll, and what you can do to help.
  • Smartypants at Smartypants writes about pure, unadulterated, open racist trash caricature of President Obama posted on Daily Kos' front page. And speaking of which, she has another great piece on the romance between Rush Limbaugh and the nutroots on the Left.
  • EclecticBrotha at W.E.E. See You brings you the story of one Teabagging Congressman willing to bring down the US government, who practices what he preaches - i.e. not paying for bills and obligations he has already racked up.
  • ABL at Angry Black Lady Chronicles takes on racist conservatives trotting out their token black folk to tell Americans how slavery was so much better for the black family than ... uhh... gay marriage... or something.
  • Ametia over at 3ChicsPolitico has an eye-opening story on economic disparity in America along ethnic lines, but also on how the middle class has lost ground as a whole, thanks to wingnut economics from the Right. We are indeed all in the same boat - at least if you have to work for a living.
  • BWD at The Only Adult in the Room has the best campaign ad ever.
As usual, feel free to share great articles you have read in the comments, and use this as an open thread.

Update on Debt Limit: In the way of a little update on the debt limit stuff - McConnell is saying that a deal is very close, but the White House has said that there is no deal yet (there is no deal until there is a deal). However, David Plouffe has also said that the general agreement is that the ceiling will be raised in two stages, with the key difference with the Boehner plan is that the second raise will be automatic and not subject to Congressional tea party puppet theater. Congress could only block it with a two-thirds vote. A deficit reduction "supercommittee" of Congress also seems to be agreed to, but it is not going to be charged to do spending cuts only. Both tax reform and entitlement reform will be on the table.

MSNBC has more coverage, as does many other sources of news.

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