Stop The Bull$hit, You Have Already Caved-In On The POTUS & Duped By The Worst Professional Lefties

PhotobucketFirst thing is first.

All I have to say is Bullshit to the diary, "To the Caver-in-Chief: Cave on the big 3, then expect many to CAVE ON YOU", as if we don't know you have already caved-in on the President.

I don't take the Professional Left very seriously. I am talking about people who foam at the mouth with such a condescending disrespectful tone saying things like To the Caver-in-Chief: Cave on the big 3, then expect many to CAVE ON YOU, as if they have not caved in on the President long fucking time ago when he got inaugurated. You know who I am talking about. I am talking about not all but those who are still bitter and clinging to their disappointment that a freshman Senator beat the crap out of their candidates. Yes, many are still clinging to that bitterness as they have started showing their true colors.

Just think about this --
"To the Caver-in-Chief: Cave on the big 3, then expect many to CAVE ON YOU"
How condescending can one get? Well, some are much worse.

Is the plan after the caving-in on the President to voting for Palin/Trump ticket? I get it but I already know these people have abandoned the President long before the President's "balanced" approach to the debt ceiling or deficit agreement and are using like any other issues the current debt ceiling/deficit reduction issue to scream down at the President from the mountaintops. Their framing is immature, empty, gossip driven, manufactured and irresponsible that creates an outrage feeding into a cesspool of hateful comments from duped Professional Left. You want proof, I will give you some:
Obama is a multi-millionaire, the Commander-in-Chief of one of the most vicious regimes in world history, the U.S. imperialist regime
Obama is in short, objectively, an enemy of all oppressed people of the world.
Obama is a mass murderer and an oppressor of millions here and abroad.
Challenge the motherf*cker or the party dies anyway and deserves to die.
These are just mild but fits right with the founding parents of the Obama-hating Hamsher-Norquist team' ideology. Sometimes I wonder if some of these Professional Leftists' intentions are as good as the intentions of Republicans who want to make Obama a one term Black President.

...and mind you all these foaming at the mouth we see is all based on an unsubstantiated rumors/leaks from the House, the Senate and the White House about the negotiations that are taking place on the debt ceiling agreements where some drama seeking small minded folks pretend as if a FINAL debt ceiling agreement has been reached feeding into the hate frenzy.

However, for those who are duped by this false outrage or sensationalized hair is on fire drama, here is what is reported and what some Democratic officials know about the debt ceiling negotiation:
The White House is seeking a trigger that would allow the Bush-era tax cuts to expire for the nation’s wealthiest households. Boehner has proposed repealing provisions of Obama’s health care law, including the requirement that all individuals purchase health insurance after 2014.

Obama summoned top Democratic leaders in both the House and the Senate back to the White House later Thursday for further discussions.

While Senate Democrats fumed, other Democratic officials familiar with the administration’s approach to the talks said the goal is still to reduce the debt in a balanced way that tackles both the tax code and rising entitlement spending.
Reuters reports in the article WRAPUP 1-US debt talks begin critical phase
White House spokesman Jay Carney said earlier there had been momentum toward a "balanced" deficit agreement, but he insisted: "We are not close to a deal."
How many people can read "we are not close to a deal" but claim that the deal is made and prematurely ejaculate like we have seen here.

What is even more astounding is these kinds of people wear a Democratic face doing the works of the enemy, the Republicans. These kinds of professional Left are fake and are doing everything they can to try to dupe those principled Professional Lefties using many manufactured emotional outrage but if you ask them for any solution or how to govern, they are empty but as good an obstructionist as the Republicans.

Especially the likes of Jane Hamsher who thinks 81% of Democrats are "Dumbest Motherfuckers" for having a Democratic President's back. She obviously is right there in the pile of them attention seeking SOBs like Eric Cantor, Sarah Palin, Mitchell Buckmann, Rand Paul, Joe Wilson and etc. I don't pay too much attention to their horrific rhetoric because it is just hot air and rubbish nonsense.

The Professional Left dupers are poison for the Democratic party. They are not capable of rationalizing or understanding the game of politics. They claim they are Democrats but are point-people doing the work of Republicans. The characterization of the President as weak, mediocre, sellout for a lack of some other horrific characterization is business as usual kind of politics to them.

They are everything the President is not. They are not principled. Not much of a listener. Definitely not civil. Irrational and twisted at best. And, definitely have no loyalty. In fact, it really does not matter what President Obama or the Democratic Caucus say or do, they will betray any Democrat faster than Judda did if they don't get their one or two issues addressed. Quite vindictive. They imagine themselves as the enlightened elite who are entitle to school Democrats on how to act and think like a Democrats...oops, I meant to say "act and think like a libertarian".

If Hillary Clinton or John Edwards were the President, make no mistake about it, some of the vocal critics of this President (Jane Hamsher, Adam Green, Paul Krugman, etc.) would have been clapping and cheering about how their political astuteness is brilliant and more. If you think the constant beating of the President out of this so called concern for leftist agenda from the Professional Left has nothing to do with the color of his skin, you are fooling yourself. In fact, I will go further and say that there is a deep rooted hatred of the man because he is Black.

On the Right, we know how blatant Racism is and we at least seem to be united to denounce such racism all day long. Let's be honest. There is an incredible amount of personal animus and detest of the President and some of it is racist. Again, this is not to paint that all of the Professional Left is motivated to dislike the President because of the color of his skin. But, there are some who are motivated to double up pretending to be concerned about progressive ideologies when in fact they detest him and take advantage of the rage of irrational thinking Professional Left. Fuck, some asshole a couple of days ago said native Americans are a failed race. Mind you these are the kind of ignorant racists that live amongst us.

Case in point is this racist diary from a week ago - Why Are We So Afraid to Debate a Primary Challenge to President Obama? In one side this diary plays to the concern of the so called progressive agenda (which I don't think is coherent in any form or shape today) trying to rally the troops to be forceful in pushing to primary President Obama which I don't have any problem with if there is a viable candidate but on the other side the same diarist uses this racist embedded video to demonize the President as Scary Black Man, a plagiarist, using false stereotype of Malcolm X to paint a picture that President Obama is a violent Black man advocating revenge for slavery, etc. (video has been removed in that diary since and diarist has been given a suspension, a slap on the hand for 30 days) but that is the kind of people who have duping the good Professional Left. However, if you had not noticed it around, you can easily determine the level of vitriol spewed in some progressive community not only towards the President but also towards African Americans voices.

These people who are duping other Democrats don't have credibility nor do they have integrity. Case in point:
PCCC rips off ColbertSuper-PAC

Progressive Change Campaign Committee Treasurer Adam Green purchased the URL, omitting the t in Stephen Colbert’s name, and then redirected that URL to his own PAC web site in an apparent attempt to steal critical membership and donations away from Colbert’s PAC, Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow.
Here is the deal. We have amongst us people who are concerned about the state of our economy and some who are frighted by decades of obstructionism this country has been under and are hurting. Sometimes despair makes people say all kinds of things and I understand that. However, we also have disingenuous haters of this Administration and personally the President whether it be racially motivated you can be a judge based on what you see but these same people will never embarrass anything the President does and are as good as a mole that is doing everything to tear the Democratic Party apart. It does not matter what the President does, they will find something to attack him for doing exactly things they had called for. In fact, the likes of Huffington, Hamsher, Uygur and Greenwald, and those who conform to the ideologies and strategies of these people will sell out the Democratic party to find a reason to actively and openly, without any hesitation, campaign against President Obama regardless of whether their candidate will win the general election or not.

Quite interesting that blogs like the Dailykos claim that they are in the business to electing more and better Democrats when their website is infested with so called liberals that are craving to campaign against the Democratic incumbent without one legitimate winning candidate that can raise the kind of money that is required to wins election. The purpose might as well be "to help elect more and better Republicans" taking after the HuffPost business model.

This is the punch line that pretty much sums up why blogs like Dailykos are fucked:
One has to conclude, based on the lack of metrics to limit blatant right-wing trollery, that the owners of this site favor such behavior.
Until serious actions are taken in blogs like Dailykos that makes a statement aiding a Republican to power is unacceptable and ban those motherfuckers who promote Right Wing talking points or cheer for a third party or Republican, I have no doubt about the fact that DailyKos will become DailyFox. We have indeed seen many right wing BS to back that assertion.

No wonder politicians look the other way. This is what one Dailykos member said about these same Professional Left dupers:
we both know why political leaders ignore people like you: Because you ask them to. Constantly. You beg them to, practically on your knees. "Pretty please, with a cherry on top, in the name of all that is holy...don't listen to me!!!" Maybe you find being inconsequential liberating. And who can blame you - it is. I enjoy it myself. But unlike you, I know it's a choice, and reserve the right and ability to change my mind if necessary. I am as content to delegate to authorities I support as you are content to micromanage the imaginary government in your head, and as determined in reasserting my share of public sovereignty when necessary as you'd be in continuing to shove it as far away from yourself as possible.
A-M-E-N to that and yes, I will repeat it again:

All I have to say is Bullshit to the diary, "To the Caver-in-Chief: Cave on the big 3, then expect many to CAVE ON YOU", as if we don't know you have already caved-in on the President.

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