Saturday PragProg Linky Goodness and Sharing Made Easy

Here goes the linky goodness:
  • Zander over at Angry Black Lady Chronicles has a stunning piece on what the Financial crisis did to the Black middle class: wiped it out.
  • Winning Progressive says, since the GOP is not interested in governing, voters should relieve them of that burden in 2012.
  • In honor of Jackass Jane's full-on meltdown the other day, I have to share with you this amazing piece Chipsticks wrote over at The Obama Diary documenting the fraud that is Jane Hamsher, the Professional Left's heroine.
  • And Chipsticks at The Obama Diary does it again, exposing both Hamsher's PAC and Professional Left hack Adam Green's organization's spending pattern, both of which spend little to nothing on actual elections.
  • Going to The Only Adult in the Room with blackwaterdog, this photo-diary of US Army Sgt. First Class Leroy Arthur Petry being honored with the Medal of Honor will make you speechless.
  • Sepia at W.E.E. See You has a great write-up on the President's Strong Cities, Strong Communities initiative.
  • Lastly, a hearty congratulations to 3ChicsPolitico for being a finalist in the Black Weblog Awards in the category of best political or news blog. Ametia covers it over there.
As usual, please feel free to use it as an open thread and share the things you have found around the PragProg blogosphere interesting in the comments!

Sharing made easy: You might notice that the little share buttons attached to each post are now gone, and instead, it has been replaced with a floating share bar at the bottom of your screen (yup, down there). It makes sharing easier, reduced page load time and adds new features.
  • Use the orange "+" share button to share across several networks, like Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, etc. Click on it and it opes up the options. Of course, feel free to use the Tweet button to share on twitter as well.
  • Click on the "Recent Posts" button to see recent posts, no matter what piece you are reading and jump to a newly published or another recent post. Now there's no need to go back to the home page to see if there are new posts or to go to another recent post.
  • The gold star "bookmarks" button will let you bookmark your favorite posts so so you will find them easily, even if they have rolled off the front page.
  • You even have a "Contact" button available right there at the bottom of your screen!
  • On the right half of the bar, you will see our Facebook and Twitter feeds, plus a little notification area (which I will use to notify readers if something deserves their attention - like, Obama Press conference on such and such day! for example).
  • On the right half of the bar, you will also see a little Chat button. It will let you log in using any of the networks listed, and chat with others on TPV!
Take full advantage of the tools, and let me know what you like or dislike about it, and I will see what can be done!

Of course, also feel free to use this as an open thread.

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