Saturday PragProg Linky Goodness and How to Spread the Word

Here we go, the first edition of the Pragmatic Progressive linky goodness on TPV.
  • Chipsticks at The Obama Diary is wondering what's up with all these Professional Left detractors of President Obama being former (?) Republicans.
  • Dennis G. over at Balloon Juice explains how the grifters are working to spread lies about President Obama and entitlement benefits in order to cash in.
  • Blackwaterdog at her blog The Only Adult in the Room has the President's statement on the US recognition of the world's newest independent country, South Sudan, complete with pictures that show the hope in the birth of a nation.
  • Zander at the Angry Black Lady Chronicles has a piece on how it's Speaker Boehner that is caving and changing his tune on the debt ceiling. Hmm, I thought it was President Obama that was caving in? That's what the Professional Left keeps telling me!
  • Smartypants at Smartypants (newest addition our blogroll!) covers Nate Silver's analysis on ideological alignments of the political parties.
  • Miranda at W.E.E. See You has the video of Rev. Sharpton discussing Republican disenfranchisement of minority voters on MSNBC.
For today, I will leave it at that. Of course, feel free to share articles you find interesting in the comments. And now, a word about getting the word out for the pragmatic progressive blogging community.

Spreading the Word

If you read progressive blogs that are actually working to advocate for accomplishments and not just screaming - that is, if you are reading PragProg blogs, please help spread the message. Share the articles you like - through social networks, through email, through whatever means you can. It's easy to do. Most blogs these days come with ready-made ways to share. Twitter and Facebook are of course the two most frequent mediums of sharing, but they are not the only ones. The People's View, for example comes with the share button up top along with Facebook, Twitter and Google +1 buttons.

Use those buttons. Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, Stumbleupon, even email. If you point your mouse to the orange "+" button, you will see a myriad of other share options open up, in case you use/prefer any of those other services.

Other blogs have the same type of sharing options. Look for them and use them.

You can also add sharing options to your browser. There are many tools to do so; one of my favorites is Shareaholic. To use it, just go to and click on the "Shareaholic for your browser" button.

Sharing is the only way we can break through and get noticed. We don't have people on TV amplifying our message. We don't have the media or the Professional Left because, frankly, we are an antidote to their revenue generating model of hair-on-fire, scream-and-moan, reality-free "journalism." So if you want others to read what you like, don't assume they will just find their way. Tell them. Share us.

Thank you, everyone for everything you do. Feel free to use this as an open thread as well.

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