Cenk Uygur Crying Foul Blames The White House For His Short Lived Career At MSNBC

I must admit, my tolerance level for watching Cenk Uygur's show on MSNBC is not more than 10 minutes and that is being generous because Cenk is simply a sensationalizing drama queen journalist. I guess his drama and phony acts has caught up with him and have tuned off many viewers where even MSNBC management thinks it is time for Cenk to go from the 6pm time slot. But, here is the icing on the cake. Cenk feels that the White House is behind the coup detat of his reign as a decorated talk show host but of course he can't produce any evidence of such accusations except manufacture it as usual..
New York Times: Al Sharpton Appears to Win Anchor Spot on MSNBC now After giving a nearly six-month tryout for the Internet talk show host Cenk Uygur, the cable news channel MSNBC is preparing to instead hand its 6 p.m. time slot to the Rev. Al Sharpton. There had been uncertainty about the 6 p.m. slot ever since the channel’s marquee anchor, Keith Olbermann, departed in January, prompting Ed Schultz to be moved to 10 p.m. from 6. Suddenly Mr. Uygur, who had been made a paid contributor to MSNBC months earlier, was handed 6 p.m., a big coup given that he had earlier campaigned to have his progressive Web show “The Young Turks” picked up by MSNBC. He earned solid but not stand-out ratings; in late June the channel’s president, Phil Griffin, decided to try out Mr. Sharpton, and offered Mr. Uygur a new contract that included a weekend show, but not a higher-profile weekday show. Mr. Uygur, who by most accounts was well liked within MSNBC, said in an interview that he turned down the new contract because he felt Mr. Griffin had been the recipient of political pressure. In April, he said, Mr. Griffin “called me into his office and said that he’d been talking to people in Washington, and that they did not like my tone.” He said he guessed Mr. Griffin was referring to White House officials, though he had no evidence for the assertion. He also said that Mr. Griffin said the channel was part of the “establishment,” and “that you need to act like it.”
I don't know folks but by now I bet Hamsher would be crying reverse racism that a less qualified black man was given an opportunity out of affirmative action since of course she thinks we the 81% of Democrats are "dumbest motherfuckers". Last night on the Young Turks, he said, "I am out at MSNBC. Now, whose decision was this?". He went on tearing the network about how they claim he hasn't been playing ball, being so tough on the guests, even how he has been taking advices on limiting his many hand gestures, while in all of this how his ratings has gotten up but how the management and folks in Washington did not like his "tone" as a result MSNBC president Phil Griffin calling him in for a talk to silence him but how he is a "tiger" and a champion for the people who are voiceless standing against "those in power." Have at it, it is quite amusing to say the least but to get all sides of the story:
Griffin denied that anyone had ever tried to censor Uygur or control the content of his show. He told the New York Times on Wednesday that he had offered Uygur a weekend show, and that the "people in Washington" he had referred to were not people in the government, but MSNBC producers who said Uygur's feisty attitude was making it hard for them to book guests.

Here is the deal about winning viewers. If you throw a right wing talking point and ridicule Democrats and the President every fucking time, be assured you will be attracting many right wing teabagging viewers. It's like flies coming out to seek that honey and there are indeed a lot of Republican flies watching someone who is on the relentlessly journey to belittling everything the President and Democrats are trying to do. Which teabaggers would not love to see someone say similar things like "Is Barack Obama Stupid" second guessing every step the President takes and every word that comes out of him at every moment possible even on a liberal cable news such as MSNBC? Apparently, Cenk's success is measured by how Right Wing Teabagging viewers he has rather than how many progressive viewers he has gains by reporting the truth about our current affairs and exposing the lies and deceptions of Republican hypocrisy. If the measuring stick for success is the number of the wrong types of views (Ruthugs) based on what seems to be anti-Democratic skewed performance, he might as well be Fox News Channel promoting lies and manufactured outrage full force. Here is the deal about Cenk. His agenda could not have been any clearer than this when in fact he, like a Right Wing troll said , the President has destroyed the Democrats. He truly believes that in the last two and half years, the President and his administration have been "practicing political unilateral disarmament" of the Democratic Party. This is coming form an ex-Republican with no record of running for a Home Owners Association let alone a political office telling the President how to administer the Office of the Presidency, of course, overlooking the many accomplishments achieved. Cenk is a passionate manufacturer of outrage journalism who in my opinion is out in the business of self promotion more than looking out for the best interest of ordinary Americans. His methods to drive wage on this Administration using rumor mill, sensationalizing it before confirming if there is any factual evidence for his outrage and when proved to be wrong claiming he made the President do what was never the plan of the Administration is just enough for me to have fired his ass long time ago. Good on MSNBC to have gotten ride of him.

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