Bye Bye Cenk (and Boy is it Overdue!)

Cenk Uygur Good RiddanceSo there was Jane Hamsher's absolute and complete meltdown. And there was Adam Green's absolutely laughable claim that the President's huge campaign haul didn't matter while being exposed for a ridiculous, dumb lie. Now, the pretend Left's Glenn Beck wannabe and a deity of hair-on-fire brand of journalism, Cenk Uygur, is finally getting the boot from his MSNBC show. The MSNBC 6 o'clock hour will most likely be filled by Rev. Al Sharpton. Apparently, Cenk will have "more to say" about this tomorrow. Yeah, we will be waiting with baited breath, I'm sure.

About time, MSNBC. Maybe they are finally getting around to figuring out that having their news hours filled with Fox-pitch pretend (but ultimately anti-) progressive screaming and ranting doesn't count very well as news or analysis. So today, in honor of a good riddance, we present to you a sampling of TPV's documentation of Uygur's dumb-bites:
  • Who can forget the days of a media blowhard and a temporary TV host talking down to and trying to teach lessons in politics to the first black President of the United States?
  • Indeed, the condescension and lack of respect was so galling, Cenk went around calling President Obama "stupid."
  • Apparently, Uygur (along with his Nutroots buddies) thinks that the best way for Democrats to win elections is to piss on the most progressive President in recent memory, and saving the lives of poor women counts as capitulation.
You know, unlike a certain big orange place, we certainly will never sell The People's View as a place where it's like getting tomorrow's newspaper today. It isn't. It's more like a place to make sense of the news on a specific issue and how it affects ordinary people. But boy, we sure did tell you about this rise of anti-intellectualism on the Left almost a year ago. Is that dangerous rise abating? Well, at least for the last couple of weeks, it seems to be subsiding a little bit. The dismissal of Cenk is a positive journalistic step for MSNBC. One hopes it will turn out to be part of a bigger effort to step away from hair-on-fire, bash-the-President "journalism" and instead focus on cutting edge analysis and progressive commentary.

The state of the media is pretty sad today. But with Cenk Uygur's departure from MSNBC, one might hope it is about to get just a little bit better.

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