President Obama's campaign for re-election closed June with nearly 500,000 donors and just shy of 700,000 donations. And the campaign has barely begun. It's an answer to cynics, a stunning repudiation of the media narrative, and a devastating rebuke of the purity Left that claims to represent the President's base. So, let's review.

The base:

500K donors to Obama June 2011

NOT the base:

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One more time.

Keeping a promise to the base:

Hurting the movement and the base:

Just so we're clear, one last time.

The base:

95% of black voters went to the ballot for Obama and only 4% for McCain.
Obama has succeeded in mobilizing African-American voters who, although strongly Democratic, have in the past been apathetic in turning out to vote.

55% of white votes went to McCain including the notoriously hard-to-win white working class vote, but Obama stunned many by taking an impressive 43% of total white votes, cutting the Republican lead compared with 2004.

66% of Hispanic voters turned out for Obama - the best ever result for a Democrat. McCain only took 31% of the Hispanic vote, despite courting them heavily in his campaign.

63% of Asian voters went to the ballot for Obama and 34% for McCain.

56% of the female vote went to Obama, exceeding the usual Democrat advantage. It should be noted that while Obama won the female vote overall, he lost the battle over white women by 7 points.

UNDER- 30's
66% of under-30's showed their support for Obama - far higher than in any previous election - compared to 31% for McCain.
A staggering 54% of young white voters also went for Obama.
Overall, this also helped Obama secure a high number of first time voters; 71% of whom voted Democrat.
NOT the base:

daily kos still overwhelmingly white, male, affluent
Ok, I think we got it. Good. Happy Friday everyone!

PS - if you haven't either donated or committed time to volunteer for President Obama's re-election, please head over to now and do so.

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