552,462 Dumbest Motherfuckers in the World, and Jane Hamsher's Pathetic Meltdown

hamsher dopeJane Hamsher has lost it. Actually, my guess is that she never had it to begin with, but she has now gone and finally signed up, openly, with the uber-crazies, right along with Joe "You-lie" Wilson, display-Obama-as-a-witch-doctor Teabaggers, and of course, her own openly racist "blackface" self. Not only does she think that Mitch McConnell is a genius (!) for surrendering to President Obama because you know, that way the President would have to take responsibility for the debt limit going up, she thinks that the McConnell offer is President Obama's "political grave." And of course, those of you who support the President?
You gotta feel sorry for the guy. His most ardent supporters are the dumbest motherfuckers in the world, and they don’t realize he thinks they are digging his political grave.
Oooh. Yes, we are a bunch of dumb motherfuckers. This dumb mofo, yours truly, thinks it reasonable to assume that people who gave money a year and half ahead of the election to a campaign are "ardent supporters." Too bad for Jane, she has to deal with 552,462 of us dumbest motherfuckers. Of these, 260,000 are brand new dumbest motherfuckers, aka first time donors to President Obama. And then there's the dumb motherfuckers who gave countless hours to hold 31,000 face-to-face conversations for the campaign, and nearly 300,000 total conversations. That's a whole lotta us dumbest motherfuckers talking to a whole lotta our fellow Americans.

Isn't it so much fun to watch the Queen of the Professional Left, Mizz Hamsher melt down like this? After all, she has reasons for a full-on meltdown. Jane Hamsher dug her own political grave a long, long time ago - actually even before she really became, you know, famous, with the infamous blackface. What's truly astounding is how long it took her to put the final nail on it.

Let me see if I can't make some things clear here. Let's watch how Jane's thoughts have developed: Barack Obama, the first black President of the United States and the man who is willing to make the tough choices for this country and has the Republicans on the run actually doesn't know what he is doing. You see, it's Mr. McConnell that is pulling the political master-stroke, even though he would be handing to the President pretty much exactly what the President wanted to begin with. Uh huh. And since the President "lit up" the petulant Mr. Cantor who sat in "stunned silence", obviously, the round goes to Cantor. Or something.

But remember, you are the dumbest motherfucker in the world. Hamsher is the smart cookie.

So if President Obama's "most ardent" supporters are the dumbest motherfuckers in the world, his "just" supporters must at least be somewhat dumb motherfuckers, right? I mean, surely, the more of an ardent supporter you are, the dumber you are, correct? Just who are these motherfuckers who are lucky enough to be just dumb, in the mind of Jane Hamsher the Queen, Her Majesty? Well, according to a Quinnipiac poll released today, they are (along with a broad cross section of every group other than mentioned here):

  • Are you a young voter 18-34? You stand a 58% chance of being a dumb motherfucker.
  • Are you working poor or the middle class and make less than $50K a year? You have a 50-50 chance of being a dumb motherfucker.
  • Do you think of yourself as a liberal? Congratulations! You take a big cake with a nearly 4 in 5 chance of being a dumb motherfucker.
  • If you are a moderate, you have a 57% chance of being a dumb motherfucker.
  • If you are Hispanic, you also stand a 57% chance of being a dumb motherfucker.
  • If you are a Democrat, you have a whopping 80% chance of being a dumb motherfucker.
  • And lastly, if you are Black, your chance of being a dumb motherfucker is the highest, 83%.
Yeah. All you young, Democratic, liberal black dumb motherfuckers. You suck!

Actually, let's talk about this. Did this awesomely smart (!) Jane Hamsher ever think who she was calling a "dumb motherfucker" before she threw out that mind-bogglingly dumb accusation? She didn't even think to confine it - just, the President's "most ardent supporters." Sure, I will admit that it takes guts to accuse 552,000+ Americans who are dedicated to the progressive cause and a progressive president of being "the dumbest motherfuckers in the world." But it doesn't take any brains, Jane.

Jane Hamsher is angry, petulant and getting more so every day. I am sure it had something to do with her disaster of a "membership" campaign, her and the whiny Left's fast-shrinking influence even in one corner of the blogosphere, and the ringing proof, in the form of 552,462 donors, 680,000 individual donations, 300,000 conversations, and $86 million in the first three months of the campaign (a year and a half removed from the election), that she - and her fringe cadre of screaming whiners - are teetering on the edge of political irrelevancy. They have been threatening of taking away from President Obama's campaign the volunteer hours and the grassroots money. That was their sole claim to any political power. And now, that house of cards have collapsed.

Jane Hamsher may well have realized that it's she who brought her own end to political relevancy - at least on the liberal side of things - about. And that is the cause of this pathetic meltdown against people who are doing the hard work of change - young people, economically disadvantaged people, liberals and moderates, Hispanics and Black people. If I did not enjoy seeing the collapse of the Purity Left so much, it would be kind of sad.

Join the club: By the way, you can join our "The Dumbest Motherfuckers" club by donating $25 to Obama-Biden in honor of Jane's meltdown or signing up to volunteer at BarackObama.com!

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