TPV in Professional Left Crosshairs Again: This Time It's David Sirota

Folks, we're getting out there. We're starting to be a real soar spot for the whiny, puritan Professional Left, whose primary goal is tearing down the President. We have taken on the destructive nature of their Obama-hatred, and sometimes the truth stings for them. Most regulars at this site are familiar with Glenn Greenwald throwing a tantrum for being called out on this site. Well, today, as it turns out, it's David Sirota's turn

Now, since David Sirota's got his panties in a bunch about this, if you missed the target of Sirota's whining, you should really read Tien's awesome piece that apparently made it too hot in the kitchen for David Sirota, Narcissism: The Extreme Lefty Edition.

We have been in the sights of the whiners claiming to be on the Left for some time now, of course. We do after all keep exposing their hypocrisy, art of fake scandals, and plain creepy nuttiness. Hell, I have been accused of being a teabagger, Nazi and a communist, all at once!

In fact, we have exposed David Sirota himself for his unhinged, breathtakingly disconnected misinformation campaigns,  fantasies and psychobabbles.

It does appear though that sadly, Sirota not only can't stand the heat and yet loves being in the kitchen dishing it out, but also that he and his friends need a little educating on this language thing. See, they can't really dispute the substance of what we do - because unlike their diatribes, our exposes and criticisms are fact based, well sourced, and for the greatest part, better written  (yes, I am very proud of our contributors here). So they love attacking the name of this blog, The People's View. How dare we ... umm, "label"... our opinions "the people's view?" Hence, the language lesson is necessary for the likes of Sirota:
 in view of, in consideration of; on account of: In view of the circumstances, it seems best to wait until tomorrow. []
I have explained before that we here use the word "view" as exactly this - in consideration of and in account of how decisions, politics and policy affect ordinary people. I guess Sirota has never heard of expressions such as "a bird's eye view," or "in view of the recent gas prices, we can see how consumer spending is slowing." In fact, it's a very apt word for this site, as we aim to provide perspective, context and analysis of important issues.

I am a little scared that I - someone for whom English is a second language - am having to teach Mr. Sirota about, you know, English. But I guess if your goal is to become the Left's Sarah Palin, language, or that making sense thing, doesn't matter much.

But there's a reason the whiners have tried sending in their minions after us and going after us more than once. And it's of course not just TPV they go after. We are a threat to them - and when I say 'we,' I mean the active pragmatic progressive community that is onto their games - because when we present our case, it is based on fact, reality, and a view (I know, there's that word again) - a perspective - of affects of policy on real people and real lives. Our agenda is to make progress, theirs is to make noise. Our agenda is to make a difference in the lives of ordinary people, theirs is to use the sensationalized "news" culture to their own benefit. They know that we point this out, and they know that they have no real answer to this.

They know quite well that they cannot fight us on these grounds, so they will target this site's logo and its name. Well, I have a message for Mr. Sirota: if you can't stand the heat, it's time to get out of the kitchen. If you think you can simply dish it out and not have to take anything thrown back at you, you're in la-la land (but then, you have practice being in la-la land a lot). If you think sane progressives will stand by and let you and your Firebagger friends destroy the most progressive president in generations, we're not going to leave you alone. So whine all you want, but we're not going anywhere.

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