Suckerpunched: What to do When Jane Hamsher is Just Not Into You

FDL - Perfecting PropagandaI don't know if Fox's friend, Grover Norquist understudy, leader of a political advertising network that accepts money from the GOP and blackface-spreader  Ms. Jane Hamsher realizes this, but she just made a funny. In her gratuitous excuse of a column written to whine about her buddy Dan Choi losing it and yelling at an OFA volunteer who was working to defeat the Minnesota same sex marriage ban, she makes this lovely revelation: "I hadn’t planned on going to Netroots Nation until a few weeks ago." How come? Scheduling conflict? No. Family activity? No. She didn't plan on going because of her "not being a fan of summer travel (okay, well, travel period)."

Funny, because for a convention she didn't think amounted to enough of a hill of beans to get over her own travel-aversion, she sure uses it to sell FDL ... umm... suckerships, err, I mean memberships. One of her sucker benefits she touts for her own website is - drumrolls, please - 15% off the price of Netroots Nation!
15% off registration at Netroots Nation
FDL members receive a 15% discount off registration for Netroots Nation, the annual progressive conference attended by politicians, bloggers, and activists to share ideas and strategies on the direction of the progressive movement. This discount alone pays for the price of your membership!
Oops. She will tout it as the conference to set "the direction of the progressive movement," so you would please please pretty please buy her membership, but as for Her Majesty, ehh, conference schmonference. Her Majesty is not a fan of summer travel!

So my dear FDL suckers, I mean members, I am sorry to break it to you, but your Queen, Her Majesty Jane Hamsher is just not into you. She is, however, into believing you are dumb and taking your money. Congratulations!

Of course, you didn't really have to see this to know that she's not really into you, did you? I mean, for example, she goes here:
If you had told me a year ago that a panel entitled “What to do when the President’s just not that into you” would be a love fest, and White House spokesman Dan Pfeiffer would be greeted by booing and hissing, I would have said it was time to put down the crack pipe. But that is pretty much what happened.
Never mind that Jane's definition of a "love fest" is where you scream and yell at activists and volunteers who are working for us on our causes and are trying to keep a marriage discrimination amendment from passing in the very state she is having this great convention she was too damn lazy to go to a month ago. I guess when a bunch of purist people get together to boast about how they beat up on the kid who is committed enough to work for our causes and yet not all the way there on full equality, it can be a love fest.

But she couldn't have imagined that at a convention designed to have the Obama-hating loudmouths' voices amplified (even though the loudmouths were in a pretty small minority even within Netroots Nation 2011), President Obama's spokesperson would be booed and hissed instead of being listened to? Really? She couldn't imagine that despite making a mockery of the concept of respect and progress on her own outlet that respect would be sorely lacking at NN? Really? You would have told someone who told you that to put down the crack pipe? No, Your Majesty, you put down the crack pipe. Or in the alternative, stop assuming that we are all dumb.

Hey, by the way, are you a native American and considering joining FDL as a "member?" Well, Her Majesty is not that into you either. She thinks you are the same as cult, if you are a member of a tribe. Where would we be if Jane decided to conclude an article on Obama bashing without taking a broad brush swipe at your intelligence and tribal civilizations as a whole?
Blind, tribalist loyalty to the President was in short supply.
Yes, of course, if you support the President, you are a goddamn tribal. If you think the things we have accomplished together with this President are important, please, stop believing your eyes, because you are a goddamn blind tribalist. And you know those tribes. They are no good. It's not like tribes ever had anything to teach us civilized people. Amazing, isn't she?

But let's get back to the real reason why Her Majesty took to the keyboards to write this piece in the first place. It was to make excuses for Dan Choi's inexcusable behavior:
I found it hard to believe that someone from OFA (albeit a volunteer) decided it was a good idea to approach two committed LGBT activists at their panel and tell them they couldn’t support marriage equality because Obama “hasn’t gone officially on record for it” — as if the President had to take a position before it was possible to form an opinion on the subject.
Well, first of all, she's lying about it. The volunteer, Nick Tschida, did not go up there and say that he couldn't support marriage equality; he said that he was not sure that he supported it. He also did not use President Obama's record as the reason as to why he was unsure of his position. He merely stated the President's position on the record as a fact. You can look it up.

Regardless of what Tschida said, though, Her Majesty's attempt to deflect attention away from Choi and onto this kid is kind of pathetic. It is, and remains, about the rude behavior that Choi displayed, seemingly enjoying bullying and humiliating someone who is new to political activism and cares so much about the cause that he's willing to put his time in it. Could the reason for Hamsher making excuses be that she was sitting right next to Choi, did nothing, and people have started to notice it and point it out?

There's a reason why Hamsher, Choi and the rest of their purist buddies have thus far been unable to build anything other than a whining echo chamber - let alone a true activist movement - it's because this is how they treat new activists. Instead of helping them on their journey to accepting full equality, they like to yell and scream at them. Would you want to be part of something like that?

So what do you do when Her Majesty Jane Hamsher is just not that into you? What do you do when she literally sells you a bill of goods? What do you do when she sells you a membership with fringe "benefits" of discounted tickets to a convention even she says she didn't want to go to? What do you do when she insults native Americans? Break up. You'll feel better.

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