One Month Of Bad Data. Stop the Bull$hi$! We Are Not on the Verge of a Great, Great Depression!

Some people would go the extra mile to sweep the progress made by this Administration under the rug. Well, they have a reputation of doing that day-in and day-out. In fact, it appears like they have a search engine built to find and flags bad news, articles, quotes and narratives and they put it all together as facts and HEY if some media personality say it, it must be the reality. Bullshit!

Since the 2008 election of Barack Obama, these kinds of phony articles have had a life of their own in the eyes of some of the disgruntled progressive voters that did not support Barack Obama during the primaries and who held their nose to elect him in the general election. Let's not forget these same people have in the past called or supported statements such as the President is a "rapist", a "piece of shit", hope that he gets "impeached" and "thrown in jail, etc., for pulling this country out of depression and giving it a life that was hanging on a thread. Some of the articles written by these folks is as bad as Huffpost's yellow journalism some progressives seem to embrace instead of shaming it.

Progressive communities reward a lot of these kinds of people who are hell bent to point out nothing but the sky is falling rhetoric to polarizing the advances we have made in the last two and half years as if they don't have any comprehension and understanding of "the let's fucking make Obama's life miserable Republican Party politics". The sad part of all this is that some of these people claim they are progressives but appear to node the ridiculing of our President high-fiving and gloating with their sensationalist uninformed foolishness.

People like Krugman have been at it for the last two years and still at it saying bullshit about the economy for the 100th plus time like “…things could be worse--and there’s a strong chance that they will...get worse…”. Same ole same ole pessimistic BS. How many times can some people be so wrong but continue saying the economy will get worse again and again and again? Or, how many times can one continues to copycat every negative article of so called righteous progressives who seem to know it all and have been wrong at every turn. It is quite common to see folks in the progressive community eat this shit and lash out non stop because some economist or clueless analyst continue their irresponsible ways to prove themselves right in the process trying to tar our big tent progressive movement.

It is all in the writing but what motivates one to be an anti-democratic Administration and advocate a third-party movement using code words like...
My only hope at this point is the Richard Trumka and the Unions finally get fed up with the fact that the only way America is going to change again, is for the Unions to form their own Labor Party, strengthen that party, and put 'Boots on the Ground,' throughout our nation to stop 'the madness.'

Until our own Democrats deal with our jobs, and the crashing housing market, along with the corruption, nothing in our nation will ever change and we will continue to be nothing more than the 'suckers,' that we are as we sit back helplessly and watch as the likes of the Cat Food Commission and the Gang of Six (and others like them) have the temerity to tell our party, 'that they have no other choice, but to cut Medicare and Social Security,' and to once again pretend that they are all being held 'hostage,' by the Republicans.

What a bunch of hogwash crap is that? So much for a reality based progressive community if we believe this nonsense. What is so baffling is that this crap is all hot air to stir emotions but you will never see any informed ideas on how to come up with a solutions except Torture Wall Street or something like that. The ideological Left wants all the goodies and some but has no realistic strategy or idea on how to get it done by a majority votes in Congress but are hell bent to bash this Administration and our President.

So some can easily suggest to decimate the Democratic Party and are considered progressives. As if no effort has been put to show that we have made progress. As if the economy hasn't been growing in the last two years, as if The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) hasn't helped create jobs, or as if the economic stimulus package hasn't saved nearly 2 million jobs, or as if the US auto industry rescue plan has failed or hadn't saved at least 1 million jobs with Ford sales up 19% over last year. GM up 11%. Chrysler up a whopping 31%, or as if extending of Unemployment Insurance to 7 million Americans is weakening the Democratic Party. As if, this Administration is plotting a secret downfall of our country or trying to make it like some Manchurian leader is complicit and running a corrupt government. It is all in the writing and progressive communities are rewarding it whether it be because of not paying close attention of the pattern or not reading between the lines.

Some people are just fake who play on people's hardship to stir emotions lying and misinforming our own side. Let us not be taken for a ride by some who have a non stop agenda to caricature this President and Administration.

Bullshit, WE are not on the verge of a great, great depression!

June 10, 2011 - Second Half 2011 U.S. Growth Rebound Intact, Economists Say
Slowdowns in consumer spending and employment will prove temporary, giving way to a U.S. growth rebound in the second half of 2011, economists surveyed by Bloomberg News said.

After growing at a 2.3 percent annual pace this quarter, the world’s largest economy will expand at a 3.2 percent rate from July through December, according to the median forecast of 67 economists polled from June 1 to June 8.

Rising exports, stable fuel prices, record levels of cash in company coffers and easier lending rules will be enough to overcome the damage done by one-time events like poor weather and the disaster in Japan, economists said. Nonetheless, the current slackening means Federal Reserve policy makers will wait even longer to raise interest rates next year, the survey shows.

“The economic headwinds are well known, but if you look at the tailwinds, they are still pretty strong,” said Nariman Behravesh, chief economist at IHS Inc. in Lexington, Massachusetts. “There are a lot of reasons to be fairly upbeat about the recovery. Growth will pick up in the second half.”

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I ask progressives to understand that we have many forces fighting us, Republicans who want to destroy our democracy, Birthers who want to enslave Americans, Corporatist who want to take from average working class Americans and some irresponsible economic and political analysis that are not thoughtful but promote sensationalism that has no substance. Progressives should not allow and reward narrative that works against our own best interest and must stop the sansationalization with this "the sky is falling" meme.

I will leave you with a perspective all of us should take a moment to hear about the economy as Guy Lebas, chief fixed-income strategist at Janney Montgomery Scott LLC, talks about the outlook for the U.S. economy. Here is the bottom line...there will not be a quick fix to our slow moving economy. The era of the 1990s high-tech boom, the 2000s real estate boom and the last two years of Government spending is off the table. This I want to see our economy doing better in a snap ideology is wishful thinking and anyone who knows basic economics will understand the hole that was dug in for the last 40 years is not something we can come out of in two and half years. The era for fast economic growth to come out of the depression we got out of is over and done with. Mr. Lebas states, "what we should expect going forward is what I would describe as a steady state but one that is a little bit slower, a little bit lower than what we are used to over the course of the last several years because there is no one engine that is driving growth."

That is our current economic reality but some will continue instead with the sky is falling sensationalizing meme quoting either be it Matt Taibbi or someone else to support some crazy conspiracy theory that some progressives just drink up.

We need to wake up and understand who we are up against.
Companies had a record $1.91 trillion in cash and other liquid assets at the end of the first quarter, according to Fed data issued yesterday. The money will probably be used to boost capital investment and hiring later this year once concern over the slowdown dissipates, said IHS’s Behravesh.

If it isn't a wishful thinking, may be the next engine that will drive the Economy is corporate cash that is seating in on many corporations balance sheet. However, I have no doubt that most corporations will do everything to seat on any kind of cash as long as they can in the process to ensure that economic progress is not credited to a Democratic Administration. I would not be surprised to see they hold on to their cash up until after the 2012 election and after Republicans gain control of all three branches of government to destroy whatever is left of our Democracy. That would be a pretty sight to some but make no mistake about it that we do have a small number of vocal progressives that would love to see this President lose the 2012 election at whatever the cost may be knowing it would cause much more hard-ache on many Americans. They despise him. They hate him. They can't stand him. Not because he sent a picture of his penis on the internet or lied in our face or make us respected in the world or pass one of the most progressive HCR bill in a century or increased the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Food Stamps) by $20 billion or for increasing the amount of federal Pell Grant awards to assist low income families. Oh no, not because he did not deliver in so many areas but because he is just Barack Hussein Obama.

When I read utter bullshit like this...
Well this is the best we are going to get' is as tired as an dead Democratic Jack Ass that is now sitting on his ass, and refusing to move, no matter how many ropes we all attach to his neck, his ass, or hire a Crane to move it forward, because, it just ain't getting the job done.

...and some in the progressive community embrace it, I realize that the issue is not about policy nor the lack of progress we have made rather it is a likeability issue. Some people just don't like President Obama as a person for whatever reason you can guess and are sounding like birthers who claim that Obama is the cause of every disaster we face. We still have some folks who are bitter and clinging to anything to tarnish the Obama brand even from our own side. That is all it is. To these people, it is vendetta time and they frame their grievances using the pain of Americans knowing what they are doing is going to hurt the people in the long run. I bet they will make much progress with a Republican President.

As progressives, I think it is time for us to stand united and let some of these so called progressives know that they need to get their head out of their ass and let them know that the enemy of our big tent progressive agendas are Republicans.

The hypocrisy with these kinds of people stinks but as we continue to plan to re-take the house and re-elect our President, are we going to allow a handful of so called screaming progressives destroy our will to get up and go to work to enable governance that will lead our country to a better future or are we going to let a small number of caricatures get in the way spreading their lies, hatred and misinformation to fit their conspiracy theories?

The only way to win the future is by putting the majority of the House seats in the Democratic column and re-electing our President come Nov 2012. If progressives don't think that should be our first priority, they have no business claiming to be affiliated with Dems and in fact I question their loyalty to the Democratic Party. We are in progressive communities to electing more and better Democrats. Let's not forget it and hold on to that motto going forward.

Yes We Can 2012!

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