Meet Dana Bash, Andrew Breitbart's New Best Friend

So I was at the gym last night. I had a little time before my group class started, and I was looking at the TV. CNN was on. They were playing Dana Bash, and her sidekick CNN Congressional Producer and bonafide jackass Ted Barrett, hounding Congressman Anthony Weiner about his hacked twitter account sending an inappropriate picture. Interestingly enough, the story got wings when Andrew Breitbart's site started to sell spread it.. It was this video here that Dana Bash talks to Wolf Blitzer about:

This all "erupted" after Congressman Weiner's twitter account, as he described it, was hacked and it sent out an inappropriate picture to a college student in Washington state. Congressman Weiner has said that his twitter account was hacked, and oh, by the way, the girl it was sent to also said that she did not think Weiner sent it. It was a story spread by right wing hack and nutjob Andrew Breitbart, who specializes in making up stories, and is now being sued by Shirley Sherrod for damaging her reputation with his edited video scandal last year.

But of course, you leave it up to CNN to go out of its way to hire a Breitbart flanky this February. Because, I guess, there isn't enough right wing propaganda out there.

So it naturally begs the question. Why is Dana Bash hounding Anthony Weiner after both Weiner and the purported recipient of the photo have said that it was NOT sent by Congressman Weiner? And not just that, Dana Bash wants to know why Congressman follows someone on Twitter, and brings her own "jackass", as Congressman Weiner so aptly put, Ted Barrett. Geez, Dana, one may also wonder why you follow third class propangandists like Breitbart's buddy Dan Wolfe (who first "caught" this)?

Hell, even CNN's own legal analyst Jeff Toobin said on air that this was not a big deal, that twitter is an insecure environment - basically that there was no there there.

Dana Bash is CNN's Senior Congressional Correspondent. And this is her story of choice? To push a line by right wing nutcase Andrew Breitbart and hound Congressman Weiner? Republicans in Congress right now are threatening to plunge the country into an economic disaster that will make the great recession look like the good old days. They are voting to kill Medicare. Qualified and stellar nominees for federal posts and the judiciary are being filibustered. And you, the senior Congressional correspondent for the "most trusted name in news" are running around chasing a school girl giggles story that your own legal analyst thinks is silly? Seriously, Dana Bash?

So, here's my problem: why is Dana Bash so obsessed with a story broken by Andrew Breitbart's website - 3 days ago mind you - when there is so much other, you know, more important things to cover in Congress? Is Dana Bash and/or CNN in cahoots with Breitbart? We know they go around hiring Breitbart's lackies. We know they go around giving the propagandist Breitbart a platform. Is this just a ratings thing, or are we looking at something a bit more sinister? One has to naturally wonder about Dana Bash's motives here, as well as that of CNN's.

Seriously, if it's just for school girl/boy giggles, time's up. If it's something you're doing intentionally to help Breitbart, I think the American people have a right to know, Dana. Spill the beans. Or if this is your coming out party as a right wing whackjob yourself, maybe you can ask Breitbart for a job, eh?


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