Jim Inhofes Okie Toxic Tutu

It is understandable that President Obama would select John Bryson as his nominee: he is a founder of a radical environmental organization and a member of a United Nations advisory group on climate change,” Mr. Inhofe said. He especially criticized Mr. Bryson for speaking well of cap-and-trade legislation to reduce carbon emissions, saying it would cost jobs and raise the price of gasoline and energy. NYT The photo to the left is of Jim Inhofe' boss, David Koch at the opening of the David H. Koch hall in Lincoln Center in New York City. Inhofe is supposed to be working for the people of Oklahoma, but he's pretty much tied up helping protect the Koch family business against competition from green energy companies when he's not out using tax money to visit corrupt African dictators for weird cult leader Doug Coe or endangering the lives of airport construction crews because safety rules are for the little people. President Obama's nominee to run the commerce department, the guy who Inhofe is calling "radical", has run one of California's biggest utilities for 2 decades, and is on the board of Boeing and Disney. He's has been endorsed by the Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC)and the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and the Chamber of Commerce. The President expects him to go out and help American companies, especially green manufacturing ones, export our products around the world. Inhofe's spiritual adviser Doug Coe is busy counseling other members of his cult like the two to the right - former Senator Ensign (got the husband of his girlfriend a lobbying job to keep him quiet) and former Governor Sanford ("Appalachian Trail") - but maybe he and Inhofe could go to Oklahoma and explain to the people who are supposed to be Inhofe's constitutuents why "The Fellowship" cult is not radical and the NRDC and NAM are. Maybe they could bring a couple of their favorite deranged African dictators along with them. I'm sure people in OK would love to hear about how Republican Politicians are, like King David, entitled to whatever Bathsheba action they can pick up on the side or exactly how much money one can park in Swiss banks while being a faithful Christian steward of Nigeria's oil money. Did I mention that the favorite deranged African dictators of Doug Coe's cult often, coincidentally, control a lot of oil? Bryson is on the board an electric car startup and thermal solar power system manufacturer BrightSource and would work with President Obama's plan to increase US exports, and manufacturing and grow our "green" energy system . This conflicts with the Republican economic program which is founded on low wages and government protection for the "incumbents" - the people and corporations who are at the top of the heap and don't want any company or competition. Basically, Inhofe thinks that anyone who wants oil and gas companies to compete in the free market against new alternative energy technologies must be some kind of communist. What? People earn good wages building and exporting American solar power systems when they could be begging for laboring work in a refinery or some other toxic cash machine that relies on middle east oil imports? America became the world's economic superpower by technological advances and constantly generating high wage, high value industrial jobs. America used to be able to pay premium wages because we made the most advanced products in the world. But how would Inhofe's bosses at Koch industries have enough party time if people had alternative sources of employment or if their companies had to compete against clean, non-polluting alternatives? Aren't the people of Oklahoma lucky to have a Senator who supports ballet in New York? Laborers at Koch Nitrogen in Enid OK, third largest source of toxic dumping into the environment in the state, must be so thankful to have the chance to be contributing to Mr. Koch's social and charitable life. Same with workers in Corpus Christi Texas at the Koch plant that has dumped huge quantities of benzene into the Gulf. And if the workers are not grateful, Senator Inhofe's friends at Doug Coe's cult can tell them that God want's them to be grateful so they better not complain. Maybe they can do so via Fox TV thanks to Fox TV's biggest shareholder, Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. As the Prince said "We don’t want the West to go and find alternatives". If Inhofe and his Republican colleagues can sabotage the President's appointments and economic fixes enough, maybe the economy will be bad enough that in 2012 the US can be returned to the leadership of a Republican President who understands that Coe, and Talal, and Koch are our natural leaders. Then instead of "radicals" running the Commerce department and worrying about the health and wages of American citizens, we can remember what is really important - our rich oil bosses.

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