"He's not a values guy?" Weiner Must Apologize To Obama Just Like He did To That Scum Breitbart.

That is what Weiner had said about President Obama about two and half months ago:
The Democratic Party remains unclear as to its core policy principles, Weiner said, and part of the problem is Obama.


"On our side is this weird squishy affirmative sense of what government should do and how we're opposed to this cut and that cut, rather than saying, 'Here are the things: Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, environment and education. We're not cutting those. Those are off the table. That's non-negotiable,'" said Weiner, adding, "We haven't really done that very well.That's because the president fundamentally -- he's not a values guy. He wants to try to get the best deal for the American people and that's virtuous in its own right, but it becomes very difficult to make a strategy. There's been much greater global strategy thinking on [progressive media] outlets, frankly, than at 1600 Pennsylvania."
I am disgusted with what has just transpired regarding Rep. Weiner admitted lies and his fantasizing fetish behavior and stupidity sending a picture of his _____ and I wonder what else there is we don't know engaging women on the internet. How can a respected liberal hawk, articulate politician and someone who has a promising future become such a disgraceful sack of lying POS?

How in the world can one claim our President who has been a champion representing American values in the most respected ways with so much integrity is "a no values guy"? Yes, I had said it then when his spewed that outburst that Weiner is full of shit and I am going to say it again and some and say it I told you so. He indeed raised to the occasion to show us that he is the one with no values flashing his underwear hard-on pictures to a stranger. I would expect a fucking idiot and stupid Republican birther to do such a thing but to think one of the most purist progressive righteous in your face kind of spokesman for the Democratic caucuses would be thinking with his pair instead of his gifted brain is heartbreaking not that I had any sympathy for his sorry ass behavior in the past but I do for his family, the Democratic party and his constituents who bestowed in him a level of trust to represent them.

The worst and most fucking thing about all of this shit is Weiner just made one of the worst lying sack of horseshit, who does not have an ounce of integrity, Andrew Breitbart, a very rich man to continue his life long project of telling lies crystallizing a shaky career into a a legitimate one making him a fucking hero while throwing the progressive blogsphere under the bus to cover his lies. Despicable!

What's most despicable to hear was the apology. Under a threat from Breitbart that he will pull out his stack of other embarrassing photos, Rep. Weiner had no choice but apologizes to him to save his sorry ass from more embarrassment.

But, the President is "a no values guy"?

I don't give a shit what Weiner does in his private life so long as he is honest to the people who elected him to serve but the fact he lied over and over and over again claiming his account had been hacked, he hadn't sent the pictures, that he has hired a firm to investigate the pictures, the non-stop deception in the media, etc., makes me puke and lose whatever respect I got left for him regardless of the fact that there is nothing illegal here.

As President Obama's proud and relentless supporter, I tried to put our President in Weiner's shoes to analyze the situation since my affinity to the POTUS is stronger than Weiner's and I realize our President will never put me to shame in disgust and disappointment. Thank Goodness for that. No need to put a false equivalent or project.

I wonder if Mr. Weiner will apologize to the President for calling him "a no values guy" as he did to Breitbart for demonizing him in the media. I hope he does after fixing his home affairs.

Mr. Weiner has been the face of vocal progressives Democrats whether some like his approach or not. How much credibility he has left to be an effective voice is another question. Republican's always seem to stick with theirs and some Democrats think we must stick with one of our own while being honest about our feelings. Mr. Weiner did not kill thousands of Iraqis as a result of his lies he told or outed a CIA operative to push a WMD meme to go to war costing many American's life and trillions. He did not put others at risk with his disgraceful behavior. He just tarnished his public trust but we have many lawmakers who have tared their public trust and still serve.

So the question is, should Rep. Weiner resign considering his relentless passion to do the peoples work even if he has lost his credibility playing everyone for a fool?

I say let him own his shit and dig himself out of the hole. Redemption comes from within!

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