Don't Know What You Got Till It's gone! VOTE or DIE!

In a Government for the People by the People, the People have many choices in how they want to lead their lives, who they choose to elect into office to represent them, how they want their Government to govern, how they view the world and prioritize their issues, etc. When a blogger I have met and respect the other day said, Our Government Is a Fucking Disgrace, pointing out the waste and the priority our Government has put instead of focusing on the people, I started thinking about our messed up political process and how it is really set up for the haves or those hand picked by the wealthy or Corporate America to represent their special interest while these same folks are elected in the name of the People to destroy the livelihood of many Americans.

While I understand the People have limitation to be able to compete individually with the big money special interests, the People have proven that as individuals if we create a coalition, we can weed through and clean the dirt to elect lawmakers that can indeed represent the People. After all, we have elected the first Black President, swiped the path to a Democratic majority Congress and Senate in 2008 who have done a whole lot more for many Americans in recent legislative history.

2008 was a year for a new beginning where the People came out and voted saying that misguided policies, war profiteering, lack of regulation, sacrificing our troops, stripping our safety net, passing huge debt to the next generation, etc., was not acceptable. We cleaned house, held the majority and made some bad ass progress like giving our economy a normal heart beat that would have been on the road to a multiple by-pass surgery right about now had it not been to our President and the Democratic Congress.

I will invite you to watch and learn the progress made in the first two years of the Obama Administration from independent sources. These results were driven from our firm commitment to stand together no matter how imperfect, slow, and at time compromised some issues were.

During the first two years, while making progress, some Democrats never understood how difficult and how outside influence has held us behind and that change is a hard element to perfect. Add to that, many in the progressive blogs never seized to hold back their detest for this Administration from day one as they kept on hammering their best friend, our President, non-stop. Some of these people were critical because they had high expectation that Obama was to fix things in snap and that they did not get theirs in a lightning speed. Some were still bitter from the primary and some had personal issues they never were able to overcome. Some just did not like our President and still don't and I doubt they will ever do but never say never. As a result, we had a progressive blogshpere that was so divided, let alone to build progress on our achievements and market what we had accomplished, colossal around our common interest, declare a messaging war, increasing our GOTV effort, some were hellbent to demoralize by misinforming, lying and twisting the truth to achieve nothing but disinterest those new low information voters we have worked so hard to bring into the political process.

To some, CHANGE is all or none and that is just not how politics work in our society that leaves many behind and rewards the handful as pathetic as that is but that is the system the Higher Court has encouraging until we all rise up and change the system. But, what did we do?

Well, welcome to Nov 2010. Kaboom! Two steps forward, one step back. Well, wait until the Republicans own the House, Senate and the White House. One step backwards that got us to say the Government is a fucking disgrace will be a blessing in disguise. How about going 10 steps backward? I don't know about you but MI and WI will be on my mind come Nov 2012. But, in many progressive blogshpere we are blaming the Government for our lack of motivation to electing more and better Democrats as if we got nothing to show for. What do we expect the results to be if progressives continue with their constant assault of our President and Democrats? Unless we wake up and get a mop to clean house to have a Government for the People by us PEOPLE, there is nothing we can do except cuss the people who wanted it more than us while we focus on pissing on our accomplishment.

I understand some Democrats are disappointed but ask yourself what has that disappointment helped you/us achieve except cost us many seats that kept on giving us a fucking disgraceful Government just when we started making inroads to reverse what took decades to destroy.

NO, the Government is not a fucking disgrace. Let's be honest REALLY! The people who keep rewarding the same ole same ole House of Representatives and Senators to keep doing exactly what they having been doing year in and year out, the People who don't get out to vote to keep the majority in the Democratic side, the People who don't understand political activism is not just about seating behind a computer and shout bloody hell, the People who made election a one time fad and disappeared from the political process, the People who were hellbent to want to teach Obama a lesson, the people who have tried to do everything there is to do to "kill the HCR bill" in the name of making it better even after we knew PO did not have a chance, the People who wanted to tar the President calling him homophobe for planning the repeal of DADT flawlessly, etc., those PEOPLE ARE A FUCKING DISGRACE because they contribute to the fact that "our Government is a fucking disgrace". They talk the cheap talk but when it is time to do the heavy lifting you won't find their sorry asses defending Democrats nor the President against RW attacks while they go on a limb to defend a sex predator who is a sexting expert showing off his wee-wee to an under age girl on the internet. All the while shouting purity. Bullshit! Hell yeah, I am mad and angry as hell at those who claim they are progressives doing the work of the birthers, teabaggers and RW trolls who have a platform in some of these progressive blogs and complain about how Washington is so fucked up but never take a single fucking responsibility for their contribution in making how Washington has turned out.

After all, is it not the PEOPLE's choice to shape the Government they want even if it is a fucking disgrace? The buck stops with us PEOPLE. If we want to believe in our Government and make it better, make the best out of what we have with all our limitations and build on it or else as they say, "you don't know what you got till it is gone".

Stand for Democrats even with those disgraceful bluedogs as our last resort. If nothing else, they will give us the majority so we can drive what agenda is on the table not to mention that they are much better than the likes of Rand Paul until you can replace them with other Democrats in primaries. After all, had we done that in 2010, we would have seen more legislation becoming law today and continue building on the progress we had made in the first two years under the Obama Administration.

Let's get out and fix our Government by working hard in the 2012 elections. Let's get the right people in to make our Government for the People. I am hopeful that if we work together in all of our big tent issues intersectionally, we can make our Government better.

VOTE or DIE! The choice is ours in Nov 2012.


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