President Obama on the Middle East: Hope, Not Hate

The President spoke today at the State Department, delivering an address as much to Americans as it was meant for the people of the Middle East. In his speech, President Obama lauded the peoples across the middle east demanding their universal freedoms and democratic rights. He also pointed out that a policy of engagement, not careless war (ala Iraq), is required from the United States. Finally, he renewed America's commitment to Israel's security and called for two independent states of Israel and Palestine, saying that democracy, peace and cooperation can flourish neither from terrorism nor occupation.

Here is the President's full speech:

The White House has a full transcript.

This speech was not a wild eyed one. It was the a speech of a visionary, but one who realizes the realities on the ground and wants to, for once, push for real solutions. And it was a reclamation of American leadership based on values rather than raw power.

With that, feel free to use this as an open thread.

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