First Republican Electoral Casualty of Paul Ryan's Kill-Medicare Plan: Kathy Hochul (D) Wins in NY-26!

I can't really contain me glee on this one. Today, it must suck to be Paul Ryan. After the Dumbest Speaker in Memory John Boehner made all but four House Republicans vote to kill Medicare as part of Paul Ryan's Path to Poverty, and beating up Newt Gingrich for letting the truth about it being right wing social engineering slip, tonight comes the first Republican electoral casualty:

Kathy Hochul (D) has won the special election in NY-26, a blood-red Republican district, beating Jane Corwin (R), who declared her affectionate support for Ryan's kill-Medicare plan. She won by a pretty significant margin, too. With 87% of the precincts reporting, Corwin languished with 42% of the vote while Hochul was close to breaking 50%, at 48%.

This was a referendum on Paul Ryan's kill-Medicare and Path to Poverty plan, ad the Republican Tea Party lost. But the good news for Democrats is that the wingnuts have a tendency to double down when they lose. Now, they will definitely run Michelle Bachmann for President!

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