Announcing FDL Suckers Benefits: Things You Can Already Get On Your Own


Not big enough? Fine.

Becoming a sucker is easy! It's as little as $45 a year, or $120, or $1000. LOL, OMG, and WTF are also acceptable levels of membership suckership.

For a mere $45 a year, you get:

FDL - Perfecting Propaganda
  • A personalized membership card.
    This card is your identification as a Frauddoglake sucker. Those who join in our inaugural year will have “Easily Duped” specially printed on their cards, in addition to your name and unique sucker serial number.

  • 25% discount for new members at CREDO mobile.
    For the first year only. What we're not telling you is that at the time of our membership launch, anyone could get this discount. We also won't tell you that you can get a 10% discount for two years right now, almost equaling the same discount. In addition, CREDO has a habit of irrational fearmongering against President Obama, intent on being the Left's tea party equivalent. But if we told you all that, you won't want to become a sucker. Please become a sucker.

  • 15% off registration at Netroots Nation.
    Yay, you get to go to the Left Puritan whine-fest for 15% off! Yes, it's 15% off nearly a $300 registration fee, plus you pay for hotel and everything else to do in person what you already do online: bash Barack Obama and whine about your particular pony.

  • Discounts at Chelsea Green Publishers.
    Or, you could also get a 35% discount there right now by entering the discount code CGSP11. We are not going to tell you that the publisher has discounts all the time, and all you have to do is go to their website and search "discounts" to find out more!

  • 15% off entire retail web purchases of $25+ from
    Except you'd have to buy about 7-10 bags before we even hit the discount level, and there's plenty of discount codes available for that you can use from a simple Google search. But hey, why not help us spread propaganda anyway and take a discount that won't kick in till you spend $25?

  • Exclusive chats and discussions where you only talk to other suckers (or dupers)!
    As a sucker, you have the privilege to participate in exclusive chats with FDL writers, Puritan hypocrites, and more.

  • Suckers-only planning
    You can make your CAPITALIZED, obnoxiously loud voices heard within our organization by participating in exclusive suckers-only discussions, planning sessions, workshops and voting. You will work with us on improving "MyFDL" to offer more ways to be insane, such as defending Cornel West's racist, antisemitic remarks and primarying the most progressive president in more than a half century.

  • FDL Stickers
    Yay, now you can show everyone that you're part of the Tea Party of The Left (TM).
For $120 a year, you get a tote bag or a t-shirt, so you can show off even more your Frauddoglake pride, and for $1,000 a year, you get both plus invites to dinners (!!) that you may have to pay extra to attend to be part of the exclusive captive audience for propaganda delivered in person over delicious chicken (or tofu)!

Please, be a sucker. Please, buy what FDL is selling.

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