Voters Strongly Support Budget Compromise, Credit Obama and Democrats

Damnit, Obama has got to stop breaking the hearts of the whiny poutraged Left like this:
Nearly six in ten Americans approve of the eleventh hour budget deal struck between Congress and the White House to avert a government shutdown, according to a CNN poll released on Monday. And what's more, a plurality give Democrats the most credit for making it happen.

In the poll of American adults, 58% said they approved of the budget deal, compared to 38% who disapproved.
 That's a 20 point gap. And not only that, voters are realizing who the adults are between the two parties in Washington.
Additionally, the poll found that a 48% plurality of respondents credited Obama and Congressional Democrats the most for preventing a government shutdown. Thirty-five percent of respondents gave more credit to Republicans, while 11% thought both sides were equally responsible.
And to top it off, it was a masterful stroke of politics. The deal unites Democrats and independents, and divides Republicans!
While majorities of both Democrats and independents support the compromise, a plurality of Republicans dislike it, with fully half of them saying that their party gave up too much ground on the deal.

Democrats supported the compromise by a 66%-28% split, while independents backed it 56%-39%. But among Republicans, 47% saw the deal as a good thing, while 49% gave it a thumbs down because they felt the party had gotten the short end of the stick. Exactly 50% of Republicans said the party's leaders had given up too much in the final deal.
Say what? Did Barack Obama just put together a deal, made John Boehner sign onto it, preserve major Democratic priorities, and make the Republican party split right down the middle? Oh yeah, you betcha. In fact the conservative base of the Republican party is in full meltdown mode over this thing. The following are just some examples from the right wing reaction:

Courtesy Fox Nation:
When the opposition praises you on how well you played the game, it is pretty clear you lost and you even gave them some extra points. Boehner, stop making touchdowns for the other team.
BOEHNER .................. YOU MAKE ME SICK!!!! >:-(

p.s. H e l l, I might start making fun of his "fake tan" now! YOU BETCHA! GET YOU SOME!!!! OoraH! USA!!!!
Courtesy Hot Air:
They could have allowed the government to shut down and waited for the $100B in cuts that they promised the American people. That’s what Americans wanted. The House should have delivered on it even if that meant that the military wouldn’t get paid, etc.
What's funny is the very similarity between the tea party crazies and the left puritans. Give us what we want 100% or shut down the government! Who cares what that does to people! But Obama got it. He did what he had to to keep the government running, and in the mean time, managed to drive a edge right in the middle of the Republican party.


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