This is Why I Don't Use Credo Mobile

So the President's speech yesterday was substantive, inspiring, solutions oriented, laid down the law to the right-wingers, and vowed to protect our social compacts in the form of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and critical investments in education, clean energy and research. So what do I get from the much-vaunted "switch your phone company to us" Credo in the email? This: "Tell President Obama: Hands off Medicare!"

credo - stop fearmongeringAre you freaking kidding me? This is beyond scare tactics and fear mongering. The implication is that President Obama, who has already broadened our social compact by strengthening Medicare through health care reform, and expanding Medicaid for children (SCHIP) to a total of 11 million American children, has to listen to this utter horse crap from these bunch of hooies? Who the heck are doing the campaigns there these days?

Of course they open with the lie that in last week's budget negotiations, Speaker Boehner "emerged with billions more in cuts than he asked for." It's a lie. And it's an intentional one, as far as I'm concerned, because there is absolutely no excuse here to not know the facts. Obama, as our very own rootless said, took the orange man to the cleaners in those negotiations. In terms of the foolhardy "analysis" the Credo people performed, all the cuts were "given up" by the President, but all the things that were saved, they did it. That is, you know, folks, the President gets all of the blame but none of the credit. Brilliant!

But I digress. Even after the President's address made clear that he will not let the Republicans destroy our social safety net, they are still yelling and screaming about "Hands off Medicare!" Seriously? If President Obama's kinds of hands weren't on Medicare, it would not have added 12 years to its solvency. This is nothing more than a cynical, dishonest attack on the President accusing him of trying to rob seniors and other Medicare beneficiaries. This lie, in some respects, is no less insidious than the Right's "death panel" idiocy surrounding the Affordable Care Act.

Time and again, President Obama has proven his commitment - not just in words but in deed - to a better social compact, to a more compassionate country, and to investments in our future. And yet, we have a group that sells its services to a progressive community by advertising their progressive credentials can't help themselves from beating up on the most progressive president in a half century at every turn they get -- without regard to fact, fairness, or context. It is quite funny that Credo calls AT&T the AT&Tea party for AT&T's campaign donations to the Right, but it seems that Credo itself is intent in being nothing less than the Left's equivalent of the Tea party Right. Credo, Tea-do?

Give me a break. This is why I don't use their service for mobile phones. If you want Credo's service because they donate a portion of your bill money - I think it's 10% - to some worthy causes, I have a better idea. Save your money on the plans - Credo plans tend to be a bit more expensive than the rest when you factor in the benefits of other plans and a lot more expensive when you compare it to plans offered by the cellular company whose network Credo uses: Sprint. Save the money on your bills and donate to the causes you feel are worthy directly. Because your money to Credo, evidently, is not just going just to the ACLU and Democracy now but also to tear down a progressive Democratic president with disgusting attacks and outright lies. For a company that criticizes its rivals for using their money to dishonestly influence politics, Credo seems to be doing a lot of it themselves.

Quite frankly, I am more disappointed than you probably think. I know people of good will who work for it. But this isn't personal. I have had enough of this fearmongering dishonest campaign from the left painting the president as untrustworthy on social safety nets at best and destructive to them at worst. We should not have to defend the President from dishonest and inaccurate claims by organizations that aim to sell us a product with the added value of their progressive credentials. Credo used to be one of those services I used to think of highly and their product and sales model as something progressives could build on. But if their zeal to take down the president is so overriding that they are joining tea party choruses telling us that Obama wants to destroy American safety net programs like social security and Medicare, quite frankly, they can go suck a thumb.

If you want to send them a message that this is as infuriating to you as it is to me, please use one of the following ways:
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