Sorry, I Have To Protect Our President Not Only From The Crazy Right But Also From The DailyKos Gang

I sometimes don't know what the fuck people are on these days? It is inconceivable to me and most liberal Democrats who can think pragmatically to remotely spew so much lies, dishonesty and vicious attacks similar to what teabaggers do to hurt a Democratic President and claim they are really Democrats. I mean I really don't get it. It is also unfathomable to see so much negativity coming from Liberal Democratic site that claims to be dedicated to electing more and better Democrats and allow RW talking points and ideologies such as calling the President a "rapist" and some calling for the President's impeachment or imprisonment be embraced by a so called liberal community. Seriously, these kinds of ideologies are everywhere at Dailykos, HuffPost, FDL and I wonder why communities that claim to stand for a Democratic Principle are trying their very best to elect Republicans? Crossposted from The DailyKos Better yet, what the fuck kind of Obama hating cesspool community is Markos Moulitsas really trying to run at Dailykos? Has he no sense of decency to say this shit has gone too far? As the owner of the DailyKos site, must he show us some leadership to stop this "let's elect a Republican President campaign" against our President? Or Is It All About The Benjamins to Markos so that he can make a lucrative transaction someday in the future like Huffington Post did with her $300 million deal that helped lay off yet another 900 jobs from AOL? Damn it, enough is enough! Come out and say it that this cesspool of trash talking about our President is acceptable so I can call this site or and never come back to this kind of shit hole. Come on...confirm it for me so I can write my last good bye to the Obama hating Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party. I dare you! Just tell me this site is set up to helping elect a Republican President because right now I don't know what it stands for. Considering decades of Republicans effort to doing everything they can to cut our chops, who are hell bent on destroying the working class and doing everything possible to slow the gains we have made, after all the accomplishments we have achieved in the last two years, some still use such a Right Wing hate language to undermine our President and claim Our Nation Has No Leader or have the audacity to call PBO the worse negotiator spewing their bile like the feckless ex-Republican Cenk Uygur. I mean...really, I know how to live dirt poor. There were times where I used to eat toasted slices of bread with ketchup for dinner. I know what it feels like to scrap to just get by. I know how to live in poverty waiting to cash in that $40/month pocket money I used to get every month for over 3 years when I was in college from a gracious family I am indebted to forever. I know when the haves went out to eat at the best restaurants, I can count the many times I indulged myself with that $0.99, 2 for 1 McDonald Cheeseburgers or $1.99 Big Mac happy meal with french-fries and drinks because that was about what I can afford. I Remember how I hated my life being all stressed to hell and taking medicine given to me by a community health clinic to stop my bleeding ulcer that used to twist my stomach like a tornado. However, through all the thick and thin, I have overcome all the battle live has thrown at me to make myself whole. I had never given up HOPE. I refuse to give up HOPE. Further more, I was blessed to have the patience to say Amen for the little I had because I knew the future was brighter and I was determined to make it brighter. However, I could never have entertain pissing on ANY Democratic President like some Liberal Frastrati Democrats do with so much vitriol towards President Obama in a so called Liberal Blog community like Dailykos because I didn't get mine. I understand having high expectation and feeling let down. Considering the many fundamentally profound legislative accomplishment Democrats have achieved, even if I don't get mine, I am always happy for my brothers and sisters in the big tent being the beneficiaries of the policies that were implemented. I am happy for those who will benefit from HCR that will help subsidize 20 million Americans who live below the poverty line. I am happy for those who will benefit from $20 billion increase for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or food stamp. I am happy for the subsidies that will be available to the uninsured and families with income between the 133 percent and 400 percent of poverty level. I am happy for the Open Doors program that will plan to end the 640,000 men, women and children who are homeless in America by 2020. I am happy for those who will benefit from a policy that will not allow a denial of coverage to children with pre-existing conditions or that will allow adults up to age 26 can stay on their parents' health plans. I can go on and on and on but do we see anything that promotes the many good we have done in this community. Well, take a day and take a pick from the most recommended list of diaries in this community and you will understand the kind of cesspool we are swimming in in this community. What I don't understand is why so much hatred? Why so much disrespect for someone who has achieved so many big tent issues. I mean, where the fuck do these people come from and who the heck are they? Are they the 14% of the Democrats who would like to see the President impeached? Well, I don't know what leadership is if being able to accomplish the following (see video below) is considered as nothing to some so called Liberal. I understand it coming from the Republican side but from liberals it is fucking embarrassing. Show me any President in the history of this country that has lead and has done anything close to what President Obama has done in the short period he has been a President and I will introduce you to an alien from Mars that is living in my basement alright. Name one Democratic President in the history of this nation to have accomplished as much as this man has with so much political limitation and racism since the day he took office. Ignoring something my fellow Democrats? Watch these videos. I dare you to watch it and tell me you can find someone better who will first capable of being elected and then get things done. Unless you pull shit out of your ass, you won't find one person as capable as this President.
Shit...all of you out there screaming the loudest don't know what you got until it is gone. May be what you need is a reminder of how this country will bleed under a Republican President, Senate and House. You can kiss women’s rights, unions, environmental protections, social programs, education, Medicare, Social Security, et al good bye faster than you can blink you eyes while you ramp up your hate for your whipping boy instead of spending most of your time going after Republicans. Yep...fuck and shame on you! Somehow I don't have faith in a so called progressive site to understand the stakes because there is no leadership in this community to electing more and better Democrats. What we have is a cesspool of ex-Republicans and now converts, and disgruntled bitter Professional Lefts who have not gotten theirs shitting on anything that is not PURE. Wake the fuck up and smell something stronger than coffee because right now this site is not a place that claims to promote more and better Democrat, it is a community adrift in chaos and campaigning to tear down a Democratic President. Over my fucking dead body! This is a fight I will put up because it is a fight for the future of American children and the next generation. It is not a fight about me because those before me fucked it up for me like some in this community are trying to fuck it up for the next generation. If you are a Democrat and is fighting for the future of the next generation, don't stand on the side line. Make your voices be heard. Fuck, SCREAM back and put a stop to the misinformation campaign against our President because that is the only way they understand what leadership is all about contrary to our believes. Rise up against foolishness that is being displayed in this cesspool. AND DON'T FORGET THE REAL "BASE" IS NOT ANYWHERE CLOSE TO THE SCREAMING GANG HERE IN THIS COMMUNITY and don't forget that President Obama is still very popular with all the kneecapping from the Right and the Professional Left. Don't forget that those who believe in our President are more in number and our message is shared more (see the shared number here) than those who try to caricature the President (see the shared number including the RWs here). We may be a minority in this community but our audience is much larger so don't stop fighting and sharing about the progress we have made and will make. Expose those that try to lambaste the President with so much vitriol and disrespect for what they are and that being an extension of a teabagger movement from the Left. Some of us may have different ways to protecting our President from the rubbish that is thrown at him. This is how I do it today and will continue tomorrow. You do it the way that best work for you but don't stand by the side line and take the crap that is thrown in this site day in and day out. Rise up because the stakes are very high. Go Obama 2012!

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