Obama's Energy Policy - and "progressives" for coal

This is the kind of hard to find material you have to go to the DOE web site to discover (certainly it's not featured in MSM or Progressive sites).

Surrounded by cutting-edge vehicles, from all-electric trucks to hydraulic hybrids, President Obama today announced theNational Clean Fleets Partnership, an initiative of the Department’s Clean Cities program, at a UPS fleet facility in Landover, Maryland. This public-private partnership will draw on the expertise of the Department of Energy to help large companies reduce diesel and gasoline use in their fleets by incorporating electric vehicles, alternative fuels, and fuel-saving measures into their operations.

Charter members of this partnership include AT&T, FedEx, Pepsi-Co, UPS, and Verizon. These companies represent five of the nation’s 10 largest fleets and collectively operate over 275,000 vehicles. They are committing to deploy more than 20,000 advanced technology vehicles that are expected to save more than 7 million gallons of fuel per year. It was exciting for Clean Cities coalitions and stakeholders to see the Obama Administration’s support for our work and the efforts of participating companies.

There's also a number of interesting stories about DOE's direct investment in clean energy companies.

East Penn Manufacturing Keeps Moving Forward After 65 Years

In 2009, East Penn Manufacturing received a $32.5 million grant from the Department of Energy through the Recovery Act to expand production capabilities to manufacture advanced lead-acid batteries for hybrid electric vehicles. Through strategic investments from the Recovery Act, the U.S. is building a domestic advanced battery industry that will create good jobs, promote competitiveness and strengthen our security.

And Steve Chu gives a speech.

There's a lot more of interest on the DOE site. Or you could go to a web site that bills itself as a "Democratic site, supporting Democrats" and read

On this, as on a number of issues, even if I might not have been totally happy with the language of candidate Obama, a return to the policies implied by that language would be a vast improvement on the policies of President Obama. It would be a start.

I'm not holding my breath, at least not in waiting to see anything like that - on education, on human rights, on financial regulation, on the economy.

It is not just renewable energy we need. It is a renewing of the commitment to what this nation should be, a nation of the people, by the people and for the people.

For all the people.

Those alive now.

Those to come in the future.

Our lack of an appropriate energy policy, the unwillingness of this administration to lead on this topic, puts us at risk of destroying the future, not merely economically, but something far worse.

Now you could ask why it is that on a "Democratic site, supporting Democrats" you will find such a deceptive and dismissive attack on what is actually a much more complex and deeper program than just DOE - as the President mentions in his speech the Department of Transportation has also been awakened from its long coma. Well the answer might be that the "Democratic site, supporting Democrats" is a false front for a Republican site supporting Republicans or it might be that intellectually lazy writers follow an easy narrative rather than doing all the work required to visit the DOE web site. Given who constructs the dominant media narratives, does it matter?

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