Midday Open Thread: A Word for the Greenwaldies and Other Purity Left

So, sometimes, people just cannot accept the truth. Even if it's in metaphorical form. That's what happened in Sunday's post by rootless. The funny part was, someone rootless did not target either by name or photos in his post took it upon himself to spread the message on teh Twitter and send his minions over here. He is none other than the first class darling of the purity Left, Glenn Greenwald. You see, he thought the post by rootless was "creepy." Why? No need to explain. It took on the attitude of those (such as Greenwald) who make a career out of bashing Obama while they pretend to some from grand left principle, that's "creepy" enough for them.

Actually, being called "creepy" by Greenwald is kind of a badge of honor. It's like being called "unpatriotic" by Donald Rumsfeld, or "anti-science" by creationists or "go fuck yourself" by Dick Cheney. And in another way, it's good to know that we are having an impact - even the crown jewels of the whiny, purity Left are paying attention to us. In that vein, I wanted to immortalize Greenwald's original tweet. But I can no longer find it. Apparently, he deleted it. But, he didn't (yet) delete the retweet of his tweet that he again retweeted (phew, what a mouthful!):

Well, maybe Greenwald has a reason to be mad at us. After all, we exposed his unhinged nature after his thinly veiled attempt to elevate the GOP by going after Harry Reid for merely pointing out the Republican Party candidates and leadership's xenophobic message. And we defended BWD and exposed Greenwald for essentially calling her Nazi. We have taken apart his hapless reasoning riddled with holes created by his zeal to perform Obama-takedowns at every turn.

Anyway, after Greenwald's tweet, his minions came in and tried to cause a stir. I wasn't in front of a computer, but lucky enough to monitor it from my smart-phone. It seems that for ideologues like the Greenwald worshipers, I need to re-iterate some things:

  • READ THE RULES of participation. Follow them, or you will be banned.
  • TPV is not your soapbox. We do not exist so you can stomp your feet and complain about your first amendment rights. As I said in the rules, if you want to scream at the ether, start your own blog. It's free.
  • Think of being here as you think of being somewhere as a guest. Do not overstay or abuse your welcome. Your leash is fairly short anyway.
  • We have an open commenting system. This means that you do not need to be pre-approved to comment, and your commenting account is one of several networks, not with TPV. I take abuse of that open system seriously.
Frankly, we do not have an interest in hearing from you if you cannot engage in civil, constructive discussions. You may disagree, but not disrespect. This is a safe place for people who put progress over ideological rancor, and believe facts should guide our narrative, not the other way around. If you have an uncontrollable urge to bash President Obama about anything and everything, it's best that you stay away.

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