Late Night Open Thread: Line in the Sand Drawn! Oh, Yes he did!

Editor's note: Introducing "sepiagurlsweetspot" - our newest contributing guest blogger to The People's View. Cheryl has contributed opinion pieces to and been published in The Concord Monitor. Please use this thread to welcome her. I thought this piece would serve well as an open thread, as we wrap up the reactions on the President's fiscal policy address. - Deaniac83. There will be no give on the values that reasonable and rational Americans hold dear. Period. This was my take away from President Obama's speech and no talking head or news outlet is going to tell me anything different. I am not American but this is why I longed to come to this country from when I was a child. The reason I longed to come to this country was because I longed to make my dreams come through; I longed to be all that I can be. Since arriving here I have grown, changed and become but there is still a way to go. Over the past decade I have felt that the vision I had for my life in this country was slowly being drained from my very being. The past couple of years even days have left me feeling dispirited and disillusioned. However, I never stopped believing that America's core values were still there. I felt that there were cynical forces that had risen to the top but deep inside I believed that they would be pushed back at the right moment. This afternoon when I heard our President's speech I felt that the fog was lifted and that the hope he talked about in his election was given a big ole shine again. He was clear, concise and to the point. I felt it was a take no prisoners speech that reasonable and smart people should be able to come together around. Of course there will be naysayers from both sides but hey this is America for you! I do believe it is time for people who believe in fairness and justice for all should now stand up and push back with all the might within their beings against the regressive and repulsive policy of the Republican Tea Party. They have no soul; they have no heart; they have no human pulse. Instead they have an empty black hole where their hearts and souls should reside and within that darkness thrives a hatred for all that is just, fair and wholesome. Yes, they speak a good game but their words are empty. I do believe there are good Republicans out there still but where are they? Why are they allowing this pus-filled virus to grow aand fester in their midst? Are they only about winning? Only about money? Only about themselves? The questions answer themselves. I feel today is a turning point in the politics of the last few years. President Obama has now set a tone. All reasonable Progressives, liberals, Republicans and Independents should take up his call and stick a needle in the divisive, putrid boil that stands for the policy within the Republican Party and tell them to go shove it. A line in the Sand has been drawn. Oh, Yes he did!!!

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