Ignore the ignorance Mr. President. We won't ignore that you are engaged & working hard for Americans.

Mr. President,

In this very heated political environment, those of us Democrats and Independents who value your judgment and leadership have something to say to you to show our solidarity and commitment to continue supporting you as our Democratic President. While we continue to support you, we also understand the many challenges you faced and will continue to face but will not forget nor ignore the powers at play.

We won't ignore those who claim your ultimate plan was White Slavery.

We won't ignore those who said Barack Hussein Obama is the new face of Hitler.

We won't ignore those who said a Kenyan is trying to destroy America.

We won't ignore those who want to deny you your birth place and your religion.

We won't ignore the smear to characterize you as a Muslim anti-Christ President who is trying to destroy White America.

We won't ignore the fact that some called you a monkey, depict you as a dog with their "beware of Dogs" slogan and some even shouted "trade Obama to Kenya" just like them good ole days.

We won't ignore the continued effort to strip your American citizenship against all the evidence.

We won't ignore the coded hate speeches and personalized racist attacks on you and then they claim your plan's for change is slavery for all Americans while we know they would prefer to target a sector of the American society into systemic enslavement.

We won't ignore the fact that you are faced an up hill battle with right wing crazies that are hell bent to make your life a living hell.

We won't ignore the fact that you have aged carrying this country's burden.

We won't ignore the fact that some even in the Liberal Left think you are the most dangerous President in the history of our party.

We won't ignore the fact that some continue to be creative to belittle you as a person.

...and through all of that, not once have we seen you lose your cool and give them the satisfaction of labeling you as an "angry black man".

Yes, these are the ignorance you must continue to ignore because any anger you show will be followed with the angry black man syndrome double standard White Presidents had a privilege to enjoy and you can't afford. Some would say we are post racial but we know that is a far fetched taboo because we know what we know and we know what we have seen.

However, rest assured...

we won't ignore you are engage and not missing in action.

We won't ignore your efforts to make it possible that 30 million Americans can now have access to affordable Health Insurance.

We won't ignore your efforts to make it possible that 20 million Americans who live under the poverty line can now have access to Health Care Insurance through government subsidies.

We won't ignore the fact that millions of Americans under the age of 26 and in college can take advantage of having health care insurance through their parent's insurance.

We won't ignore the fact that Insurance companies won't deny Americans seeking health insurance because of pre-existing conditions.

We won't ignore the fact that you have salvaged this country's economy from a complete melt down.

We won't ignore the fact that your plan in fact has saved the American Auto industry when your critics had wanted them go under.

We won't ignore the fact that your economic and stimulus plans have created 1.8 million private sector jobs in the last 14 months not to mention averting the lose of 1 million Auto industry jobs and saved another 2 million with the enactment of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

We won't ignore the fact that your commitment to helping low income families through increased funding to homelessness prevention programs, to pell grants awards and an increase of $20 billion Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)/food stamp so that family won't go without food.

We won't ignore your Earned Income Tax Credit (upto $3,000) that will give millions of families tax break.

We won't ignore that you have Expanded eligibility for Medicaid to those under 65 living in poverty not to mention the 3.8 million beneficiaries who had received a $250 check to close the coverage gap.

We won't ignore the $10 billion investment in Community Health Centers that will go a long way to those with little access to health care.

We won't ignore your fight to extending the Unemployment Insurance that helped 7 million Americans who would have been without income.

We won't ignore your efforts to repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell (DADT) and reducing the stockpile of nuclear weapons in the US and Russia via the START Treaty.

We won't ignore your $60 billion investment in renewable and clean energy, a fleet-wide average of New Gas Mileage Standards at 35.5 MPH by 2016, and the pledge to a Secure Energy Future that will cut our oil dependency by one-third in a decade.

You see Mr. President, we know you are hard at work all the time and we realize that sometimes it is a lonely world when you take jabs from both sides of the aisles but be assured that we will not ignore you or pretend like the road ahead can be fixed by a magic wand.

We understand the ignorance we see is intentional and out of desperation or frustration at times but is designed to tarnish your dreams and our dreams for America.

We understand the challenges you face and the delicate balance you have to thread to ensure we hold on power.

Don't let the ignorance get you down while it is easy said than done.

Keep carrying the torch that MLK has passed on to you. Hold the torch high and tight because you are the right person who will get us to social, economical and judicial equality in this delicate and particularly crucial period of our times.

We understand the stakes are high and there is no one single solution to our problems. However, we want you to know we believe in you. We believe in your judgment even when some decisions will have to be tweaked. We believe in your pragmatic approach and support your bid for President in 2012 because you have done so many things in the last two years that have changed America for the better.

Further, we want an electable candidate who understands that being a progressive means making the kind of progresses you have made while there are still a lot of progress we will need to make.

Keep it together for Democrats, Sir. Let's keep on making progress. You have our support and we will not abandon you.

Thank you for always working hard to improve the lives of Americans.


cosigned by ___________________

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