Quinnipiac Poll: I Am One of the 75% and the 46%

If you have not paid attention to the latest Quinnipiac Poll, you have to be proud to be a Democrat because we do indeed have a President that is likable by 3 out of 4 Americans. If you tell me that is not a huge asset when we go to the polls in Nov 2011, you have me fooled. Not only that but his job approval rating after all the dirt has been thrown at the President is even at 46 - 46 percent. Mind you, this is after all the demonizing of the black man syndrome, the Republican and corporate media has been at for the last two years. But...asked if the President deserves a second term in the Oval Office, voters split 45 - 47 percent. But if you look at the poll numbers for a run off against the President, the President beats everyone of the Republicans in the field according to RealClearPolitics: Huckabee vs. Obama - Obama +5.5% Romney vs. Obama - Obama +5.2% Palin vs. Obama - Obama +15.2% Gingrich vs. Obama - Obama +14% Paul vs. Obama - Obama +9% Pawlenty vs. Obama - Obama +15.6% Is there anything Republicans have not done yet to ensure Barack Obama is a one term President? All done in the name of fighting “big government” or "promoting fiscal responsibility” or wanting our country back meme or just because he is simply just a bad evil African Muslim with intentions to destroy America. It sure as hell has not worked so far. Mainly because we have this graph to show on Jobs and a decline in unemployment to 9% from 9.8% at the beginning of the year not to mention the decline in jobless claims at nearly a 3-year low of 368,000 at the end of February: It sure as hell has not working with Republicans because we also have this to show about what a two years of recovery looks like and all because of Democratic willingness to help the American people without a single Republican vote in support of the Recovery Act, where 1.6 million jobs were created or saved rather than being lost, not to mention investing in American people taking over GM and making it a fine profitable company saving another one million Auto Industry jobs, showing GDP increases, while Republicans calling the Act a give away with the consistent hypocrisy begging for the same funding they wanted to kill calling it "an utter failure". Oh, demonizing President Obama and the Dems ain't going to work to sell the "fiscally responsible" meme because we know who enabled the robbing of Americans Treasure with lies and deceits tanking a $3 Trillion dollars in give away to Cheney's best friends racking up our national debt running the credit card like no body's business. Hell ya, we sure can show this too: ...and we can show this graph about what the President's budget will be able to do while Republicans are doing everything in their power to shutting down the Government if it means the President's plan will fail. The two weeks stopgap measure passed to keep the Government afloat early this week is nothing but a Republican strategy to create uncertainty to reduce morale for businesses as well as consumers. Republican's proposed reduction to cut the President's budget by $61Billion Dollar as per analyst and scholars have noted is detrimental to sustaining growth as it will "reduce economic growth by as much as 2 percentage points from April to September" not to mention the lose of "700,000 jobs by the end of 2012". Richard Wolf has a great article at USA Today which sums up the kind of destruction Republican'ts are aiming for. Come November 2011, we must polish out ammunition to fight not only the Republicans and their special interest monies but also the MSM that report lies and tilt the balance of information in favor of the haves to shape public opinion against Democrats. We can show exactly this graph too on how biased these fools are: I know it is early but if the mid-term election was any indication after all we have achieved, the campaign to shaping our message is not next year but rather today. One thing I have realized is the importance of messaging and how forceful we must get as Democrats. We need to turn the page and tell it like it is about what the Republicans are willing to take away from the People while forcefully conveying our most accomplished legislative achievement of the last 2 years because whether anyone want to admit it or not they are monumental achievements and we should take it to the bank: The President would be foolish to think the road to the White House in 2012 will be easy and take all of the favorable polls we see today for granted. Yes, the Republican field is weak and tarnished but it does not mean things will be a cake walk. The Administration must continue to focus on creating jobs and expanding the economy to ensure the recovery is not stalled first and foremost. However, in order to keep the kind of solid support the President has, he also needs to continue to convey a simplified message that can be easily picked up and spread like a virus. A message that shows he means business and attack or go on the offense against the obstructionists while staying positive as he always is. Most of all, the President must reach out to those independent (not talking about Republicans who converted to Independents because they don't want to be associated with the racists birthers cause most of those fake independents will always be voting for a Republican anyway) and youth voting block because they are the ones that swing the trajectory of the election. One thing that we got in our favor is that our candidate has got the most charming personalities that is hard to not like. So say 75% of Americans. Like BWD at The only adult in the room say, "it ain't my fault he is too pretty"

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