My WTF Is Wrong With You Liberals Response To That Diary

The diarist stated in this outrageous and sensationalizing diary made for entertainment at DailyKos:
I'm beyond belief how such an intelligent man can spout such garbage.
Yep, that was what one liberal at the DailyKos said about what the President had said during a speech on Education and Innovation at Miami Central High School, Miami, Florida, sourcing the quote from the article Obama praises Jeb Bush on education reform. The big deal made by the diarist was this statement quoted:
"I've gotten to know Jeb because his family exemplifies public service," Obama said, declaring he was "grateful to him for the work that he's doing."
First of all, it takes a bigger person to acknowledge someone outside of their party for some good things (acknowledging a graduation rate improvement from 36 percent to 63 percent) they are doing or had done regardless of their political party affiliation. PERIOD!
(Side note: The President speaking about Miami Central High School...
A little more than a decade ago, when the state exams started, Miami Central scored a D in each of its first five years. Then it scored an F in each of the five years after that. Halls were literally littered with garbage. One of the buildings here was called the Fish Bowl because it was always flooded. In one survey, only a third of all students said they felt safe at school. Think about that -- only a third.
Here is my take on these whole sensationalized reaction that is usual of Obama critics who look at one small quote and make the rest of what has been said disappear as if there was nothing good said to obviously steer the usual pot. And then, they go out and say things like Obama is not communicating his message to his base when they suck the blood out of the goodies from the speech. It is quite "a WTF is wrong with you liberals" moment to be honest. It reminds and mirrors the smear tactics used by some liberals against the President during the 2008 Presidential Campaign. In fact, if you remember during the campaign, what has been played out in that diary sounds like that phrase that went viral when the President said in San Fransisco fund raising about some Pennsylvanians who work against their self interest and the phrase the President used was how when "they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion". Oh man, I remember when the Hillary camp at that time went all out spitting not only a dime but quarters if you recall as is the case in the comments section of that diary by some sensationalizing artists. I'm beyond belief how disrespectful, small minded and truly disconnect some liberal progressive on some liberal blogs are now a days that such a remark can be used to ridicule a Democratic President in such a disrespectful and antagonizing way and miss so much of what actually have been said in the speech that discussed Education and Innovation. For those who have not seen the whole speech, you can view it below or you can read the transcript here. Please, I urge you to watch the video if you can and see for yourself the kind of reception President Obama has received from the real "base". Here is the always wanna be critic and/or I am the holier than thou Democrat projection statement of the diarist that concludes about the intent of the President in their narrow tunnel vision:
Please tell me what you mean by this statement. You seem to be going out your way to praise the Bush cabal and annoy the hell out of your base.
Just for the record, here is the transcript of the President's opening remark that praises a number of fantastic public servents:
I want to, first of all, thank somebody who I think is going to end up being one of the best Education Secretaries that we’ve ever had, Arne Duncan, for being here. (Applause.) We also have -- your congresswoman, Frederica Wilson, is here. Give her a big round of applause. (Applause.) Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is here -- give her a big round of applause. (Applause.) Your outstanding school superintendent, Alberto Carvalho -- give him a big round of applause. (Applause.) And a very, very impressive principal -- Renina Turner. (Applause.) Give it up for Renina Turner. (Applause.) I gather we also have some members of the football team here. (Applause.) I understand you guys were state champs -- is that right? (Applause.) They look pretty big. (Laughter.) And some of them aren't smiling, you know -- (laughter) -- they’ve got their game face on. (Applause.)
Interesting that they forgot to mention the praises to those elected by the "base". Is it not?
You seem to be going out your way to praise the Bush cabal and annoy the hell out of your base.
I mean what a fucking sensationalized statement is that? Now, the mention of "exemplifies public service" is such a bad statement that some holier than thou can make it to sound like Obama is in agreement with what all the Bushes had done? The bullshit in all of this is that for progressives who think we are intelligent, some are quite amusing with their narrow outlooks and projection not to mention their intellectual limitation to understand politicking. Do people really fucking believe that President Obama was praising GWB's policies or what he has done with that selective outrage in that other diary? The following were what was noted as what the President was referring to with his "exemplifies public service" comment as a spin to produce outrage which I call total bullshit, dishonest, and disingenuous:
1] Such a total disregard for national security before 9-11 2] A total shambles in Afghanistan. 3] The failure to even capture Bin Laden 4] Illegal war in Iraq. 5] Lies, deception and torture. 6] Tax cuts for the wealthy. 7] The greatest recession since the Great Depression.
If people out there in a liberal community really do think PBO is indeed praising the above, I think these people who think that are totally clueless or totally disconnected and should not be complaining about losing elections because they contribute to it, plain and simple. The fucking small mindedness of the whole thing is that some forget the fact that politics is a contact sport and the President is a master mind in winning the hearts and minds of the American people with his grace and compassion he shows as 75% of Americans do like him. If there is anyone who understands election politics, likability is part of politics to winning Presidential elections, to effecting CHANGE that matters and there is no better master mind than President Obama to play the cards that are dealt to him. Oh yes, of course, Obama is the problem and not the solution because he acknowledged the Bush families public service presence.
I'm beyond belief how such an intelligent man can spout such garbage.
No, I am beyond belief on how some less intelligent liberals can spout such garbage or shall I say crock of bullshit!

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