Morning Open Thread: Scott Walker Starts Walkback

Good morning! So maybe we should start up those open threads again, don't you think? This morning, we have some good news:

  • Gov. Scott Walker (Arrrghhh - WI) is apparently walking back on his insistence to strip state employees of collective bargaining rights. Funny how things change in the face of fierce public opposition and a little threat (named recall) to the cushy jobs the Republican office holders themselves hold.
  • Speaking of the recall efforts in Wisconsin, Fox News is upset that President Obama's political team might - might - be involved with those efforts. Aww, isn't Fox cute when it's mad?
National Budget:

  • Harry Reid is forcing Senate Republicans to vote on the House Republicans' budget cuts, as well as a vote on the Democratic proposal. But it's mostly for theater, probably. Neither is going to pass.
  • President Obama is putting down a marker on the budget debate, focusing on the future. He's warning the GOP to keep its hands off of education.
Let's tee off on those for now. Use this as an open thread. It's yours.

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