Michigan GOP Governor Wants Power to Fire Local Elected Officials At Will

If you haven't heard about this, you won't believe it: Gov. Rick Snyder's budget proposes not just to cut off aid from local government, but he wants the ability to, at his sole discretion, declare a financial emergency in any area, and send in his administration's goons appointed manager fire the local elected officials. Snyder's goons will have the power to do whatever they want and to void any contract, including (and specifically) collective bargaining contracts. Watch Rachel's excellent segment on this from last night:

I will post a transcript as soon as one is available.

Astounding, isn't it? It's not just being proposed, this bill is moving forward in the MI legislature, and getting closer and closer to becoming law. So, basically, the plan is as follows: cause financial crisis in localities, then dismiss local governments elected by the people and take over by fiat. It's true what they say: the GOP doesn't just hate Democrats. They hate democracy.

You can read the bill here. If you have any way to do so, please support the protesters in Michigan.

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