Boxer Challenges Boehner to Pass "No Budget No Pay" Bill

You see, members of Congress are a special class among federal employees. Not only do they get to decide their own pay, they have no personal stake in whether or not the government keeps running. They are paid by a legal mandate rather than the appropriations process, and so they enjoy continuous bank deposits at taxpayer expense even if the government shuts down. To rectify this situation, Sens. Boxer and Casey last week passed legislation in the Senate that stops the pay for members of Congress and the President in case of a shutdown. The legislation also ensures that they cannot receive back pay once a shutdown is over.

Yesterday, Sens. Boxer and Casey challenged Speaker Boehner to pass the same measure in the House and send it to the President. Jim Moran (D-VA) has introduced similar legislation in the House. So far, there is no indication that Boehner has responded. In their op-ed, the senators say:
It’s a little-known fact that members of Congress and the president are not treated the same as millions of other federal employees — because we’re paid through mandatory spending, rather than annual appropriations. In the event of a government shutdown, we would be among the few to continue receiving paychecks.

It’s unfair that members of Congress or the president would be paid while millions of other workers who serve the American people would see their paychecks cut off and have to struggle to pay their bills.
This actually has a parallel in history. After, the 1995 takeover of Congress by the Republicans, the Senate then also passed such a bill. And Boehner gave it lip service. But,
Boehner supported this same legislation back in 1995, telling a CNN interviewer, “I’d be happy to sign onto that bill right now.” The Boxer-Durbin bill passed the Senate, but was blocked by the House.
Thank you Sen. Boxer and Sen. Casey for exposing the Republican hypocrisy on public money. So much for fiscal responsibility from the Republicans, huh? The Republican message basically is: cut the pay of middle class Americans (well, for those whose jobs you can't yet cut, anyway), but don't you dare stop paying them! After all, Boehner needs his tanning money.

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