The President's Economic Team Don't Make Final Decisions. The President Does and He Is Not Cutting SS Benefits.

So this is what the Hill is reporting using the anonymous cover to stir shit up:
Obama is being pulled in opposite directions by those whose priorities are fiscal and those whose No. 1 concern is electoral. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, National Economic Council Director Gene Sperling and Sperling’s deputy, Jason Furman — leading figures in the president’s economic team — are pressing Obama to cut Social Security benefits if necessary, say sources familiar with their positions. But Obama’s political team, led by David Axelrod, David Plouffe and Jim Messina, are urging the president to understand that backing benefit cuts could prove disastrous to his 2012 reelection hopes, sources say.
Why don't these anonymous sources man up and reveal themselves instead of hiding like cowards so that we know who these stuff are sourced from to determine what is true or sensationalized bullshit by asking the source directly. At times, I wonder if other blogs are using the HuffPost cowardly "let's spin it" business model to some day sell their blog space to a $300 million dollars bidder. The funny thing is that there is no critical thinking of connecting the dots about these kinds of rumor reporting that is empowered to have a life of its own in some Liberal Purists blogs space like you know who and others who without questioning the source picks up the trash. Next thing you know it is viral. Well, there are some in the Left that just take anything these anonymous sources say from other blog sites and spin it here bitching and mourning about how this anonymous source confirms what they had believed all along about the President who is about to cut their social security and then some. It is quite interesting to see the sight of the let's fucking stomp on Obama parade with folks who are itching to use any unsubstantiated rumor reporting to create drama and sensationalize facts despite the fact that President Obama had said he will not cuts social security benefits. If you watch this cartoon, you will understand what some purists are engaged in and it is despicable to say the least because it hurts Democrats in general.
Q. What are you doing? A. I am posting false information on the web. Q. Why? A. It's fun. Someone picks up a strand of false information and spreads it around and before you know it a panic is created. Then, you just seat down and watch the Chaos.
It is dishonest to spread lies about what our Democratic President will do especially after President Obama has made it clear he will not cut Social Security benefits to purposely kneecap his political standing in a time when Democrats must practice due process in reporting accurate information rather than undermine him by quoting some rumor from a cowardly sources who can't even identify themselves. Fuck, some purists will only hear things that must come out from Sanders or Kucinich in order to believe what is true or not, or what is good policy or not.. Well, here is what Sen. Bernie Sanders said about the President's position on Social Security:
"I was very pleased to see in the media this afternoon Obama will not endorse raising the retirement age or reducing Social Security benefits. For tens of millions of American workers and senior citizens, that is very welcome news. I applaud the president for standing up for Social Security, for his understand that this is a program that has worked fantastically well for 75 years and that he is going to defend it." - Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)
It is quite amusing to see the intellectual span of some in our elitist and Liberal purists. Everything has to be about walking in lock-step with their ideologies or else the Administration is considered weak, corporatist, et al. I guess every purist want the economic team of the Administration to be like Krugman. Me too (not), but don't forget Krugman is full of cockroach ideas as well. What President Obama is doing is ironing out them cockroach ideas from every front so that he can make the right call that is best in his opinion for the people of the United States. In the end, his decisions are quite telling and they are not coming from an anonymous sources.

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