They Have Blood In Their Hands!

Media responsibility is a term for the belief that mass media have a basic responsibility to help strengthen and support democratic processes. [Wiki]
The media and some law makers in Congress have been irresponsible entities during the showdown with Iraq. They collaborated with the criminal Bush Administration in allowing and promoting the war without asking tough questions. Thousands of Americans and Iraqis died because our media silenced those with legitimate proof that the reason we were entering a war was based on a lie and illegal premises. However, with all the evidence available, our law makers failed us, the media failed us, aided a propaganda war, helped in wiping out our treasury and today Americans are faced with a disastrous economic challenge because of it all. All done in the name of Democracy. We all thought by now we would live in a post-racial society especially since electing the first African American President, Barack Obama. At least I did. On the contrary, the view of race in America has never gotten more polarizing that a post racial society is a thing of the future and the media has everything to do with it. May be in another 30 years we can potentially revisit the post racial society topic because right now it does not exist and we have the media to thank for for its apologetic and continual tolerance of bigotry promoting not only a hostile society but also aiding in beefing up the membership of recruits into the growing number of hate groups. Ask yourself why people gathered in this video are not called out by the media as racist but are called Teabaggers? Has the media purposely suppressed the truth putting a blind eye intentional allowing the spread of racism, anti-immigration, antisemitism, homophobia and hatred? It is my belief that the MSM, in the name of the freedom of speech, has made it silently acceptable to show and not call out the hate mongering and racist views of a sector of Americans for what it is. This silence has been one of the most egregious and irresponsible media culture that has helped promote specific individuals and/or organizations who make a living in dividing America through their hate-mongering creating an atmosphere of hatefulness. Media loves drama and drama translates into ratings and increased bottom line. Integrity, responsibility and education do not seem to factor much in our modern day media culture to "help strengthen and support democratic processes". What is the role of the media? Do we hold them accountable for enabling the spread of hate and racism and lies and confusion and misinformation and et al? In fact, according to a 2009 Southern Poverty Law Center's report, it is noted that there has been 926 hate groups that were identified in this Country, an increase of 54 percent since George Bush took office in 2000. I again say, the media has everything to do with it. I completely agree with Rep. John Lewis from his facebook page when he said regarding the shooting that took place at Rep. Gabrielle Giffords event over the weekend,
the question we must ask as a people is not only who, but also what has created the atmosphere and climate that makes it almost impossible for us as Americans to reason together.
How long will the non-stop distortion of facts and misinformation that creates confusion and mis-leading headlines by the MSM be allowed to continue? The MSM has created a beast that has fired up some heated rhetoric of hatred amongst notable GOP lawmakers and potential Presidential hopefuls who promote divide for political gain which has been great for the MSM's profit margin. It is not a hidden agenda that the media has been obscuring honest exchange of information leaving the majority of Americans with a skewed version of lies and misinformation that continues to deepen the mistrust of our branches of Government. Add to that increased level of poverty, unemployment and economic uncertainly leaving many people with no hope and finding a sanctuary in hate filled organizations to release their pint-up frustrations and bigotry on anyone they disagree with. I think the media in a major ways has contributed the who and the what is creating this climate of hatred through sensationalization of events that has lead to the political assassination attempts that almost killed Rep. Giffords and the killing of six innocent Americans last Saturday. What does it take to debunk lies and misleading reports when the MSM is continuing to leave many in the dark, cater to those who are uninformed, stir division and hate with literally callous reporting? We should all question if our First Amendment is not being hijacked by dishonest reporting with a soul intent to divide. The MSM as the "4th branch of government" not only has responsibility to take on those in congress and the public domain who spread hate mongering to divide and concur for political gains but also must take their role more seriously than just being a greedy corporate mouth piece and stop heartlessly broadcasting irresponsible and false programming. If not, the massacre we have seen this weekend in Arizona on the lives of innocent Americans will not be the end of a modern day political assassinations in this country and we must do something about it. Or, may be not. May be the GOP leadership will figure something out to fix all this mess and let the media be the same old media. I am not at all sure I can count on either one of them.

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