Happy New Years to all of you who frequent the People's View. We all have been out on vacation or taking a well deserved break to attend to other personal matters including spending quality time with family but wanted to say on behave of deaniac, contributing editors and the People's View, the porch we have created here is one I am very grateful to be a part of and would like to say thank you all for your participation and most insightful comments and contribution. ************************************************************ So, today is January 1, 2011. The President's Weekly Address: In four days, the Senate might just try to do something about Filibuster Reform if Dems put some blue dogs in check. It is time to make deals to end obstructionism. ************************************************************ What is new and effective in the Health Care Reform front? As of January 1st, 2011, 80% of your premiums are to be spent by insurers on customers claims or on activities that improve the quality of customers' Health. Read more for other things that will be effective as of today. ************************************************************* The President offered to help responding to the separate terrorist attacks in Egypt and Nigeria as 17 were killed in Egypt and 4 in Nigeria. ************************************************************ Well, "A big fucking deal" has become a household quote thanks to our best-est VP Joe Biden but there are more good and not so good quotes as the Hill reports: The top 10 political quotes of 2010 ************************************************************ The 71 to 26 Senate Vote to ratify the START Treaty was indeed a huge step to promoting and fulfilling peace in out world. The message has been clear and Ukraine has clearly heard the message and acknowledged it by sending its 110 pounds of highly enriched uranium to Russia for disposal. ************************************************************ Andrew Cuomo is indeed the newest New York’s 56th governor as he was sworn in on last night when you all were sober. ************************************************************ If you have missed the New jobless claims report, well...it has fallen to their lowest point in 30 months. A sign the overall economic picture in the U.S. is improving. ************************************************************ Don't know about you but can it be possibly that you could dig into Christine O'Donnell's home furniture and be able to find some campaign contribution money stashed away for a rainy day? Read the criminal probe into her campaign finances while she calls it "phony probe". ************************************************************* You want to know who is visiting the Whitehouse? Be my guest...there are almost 1 million visitors record available online here. How about that for transparency? I would love to see Dick Cheney's guess list. ************************************************************* Yep, the date is 1/1/11 and Happy New Year again as we would love to hear your prediction about anything in 2011.

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