Move Over Greenwald: Blackwaterdog Has Won The Messaging Award!

Glen Greenwald, cowardly insinuated that blackwaterdog is propagandizing a dangerous, murderous, fascist movement, by calling her Leni Riefenstahl and later rescinded. No one does shape the message that goes out to electing more and better democrats better than BWD. If you don't agree, I will give you a test of the kind of messaging that gets little attraction at progressive sites like FDL and Dailykos that is dedicated to electing more and better Democrats just below the fold. How many times have you heard folks saying the Whitehouse lacks messaging, is poor in communicating their achievements or getting out their message? I have heard it many times and the same folks who tar this Administration are the same folks who caricature the message. Between The, OFA and many other independent sources, there is a wealth of information for folks like us to use and run with to spread the positive message about what is being done by this Administration. However, most often that would be considered "kissing the floor Obama walks on" by some. A contributer at the Peoples' View blog made a great observation yesterday between the Whitehouse's manufacturing strategy and GE's CEO, Jeff Immelt appointment to the President's council of economic advisers that no one really spoke about except ridicule the appointment immediately. A little close up look at what Immelt believes in and has said would have been more like a reasonable thing to do. However, some would say what he has said is just talk. No, it ain't just talk since GE has invested a stacks of Benjamins/money in US manufacturing since 2008. Immelt said:
"Recently my colleague Peter Loescher, the CEO of Siemens, extolled the importance of Germany as an exporting country. In my career, I have never heard an American CEO say that the United States should be leading in exports. Well, I am saying it today: This country ought to be, and we can be, not just the world’s leading market but a leading exporter as well.
The Professional Left (PL) went crazy on the choice of Immelt and bashed the President dismissing him cynically declaring "Let the Obama 2012 two-year, billion dollar campaign begin." Some in the PL are often so quick to judge and suck the blood out of a promising thing to proclaim defeat all the time. It's like premature ejaculation. I will give you just another example of the cynicism of our professional left that continues to undermine the messaging of our current Administration. A diarist wrote:
When you see the President appointing a majority of members that are known to be hostile to Social Security, and continuing to support Alan Simpson in spite of his prejudiced comments against veterans, NOW, and other proponents of Social Security, and you see the continued validation of the Catfood Commission deficit proposal in Washington, D.C., even though polls have shown that a majority of Americans disagree with their proposals on Social Security. It leads one to conclude that this Administration supports "reforming" Social Security along the lines envisioned in the Catfood Commission report, and that one of the biggest proponents of the Third Way, Bill Daley, is now chief of staff in the White House.
There you go...guilty by association. These are the kinds of disconnected and detached logic that is coming from some on the Left. They continue projecting unfounded allegation and misinformation that are negative without knowing anything about the position of the President. Oh well, don't be surprised the same folks claiming victory saying, "it was only the pressure from inside his own Party that made him step away from it". Right! However, the same folks who tend to project a guilty verdict on our President and this Administration because he is not doing what they want him to do the way they want it done are the same folks who continue to aid in suppressing the message from getting out. I have plenty to criticize the Professional Left but the purpose of this essay is to acknowledge that there has been one person who has been relentlessly the most hard working individual amongst democrats around the blogshpere with a profound conviction in making sure the message that will give us the majority in the House and Senate gets out. These are the messages just as an examples from BWD's blog site that gets silenced or brushed off most often by the PL: **********************************************************************
Blog post Dated: 1/25/11
CNN Poll: The state of the union is getting better. 43 percent feel that things are going well in the country, up 14 points since December.
...The survey indicates that a majority of Americans continue to think that things are going badly in the country today, but that figure has dropped from 71 percent at the end of last year to 56 percent now. “We haven’t seen numbers this good since April of 2007,” says CNN Polling Director Keating Holland. “One likely reason for the change is the public’s growing optimism about the economy.
********************************************************************** On the Recovery!
American Market Preferred in Global Poll on New Confidence
Global investors are taking more risks with their money and targeting the U.S. as one of the best places to put their funds as they grow increasingly confident in the economic outlook. More than two of five of those surveyed say they are seeing more opportunities to make money, according to a quarterly Bloomberg Global Poll of 1,000 investors, analysts and traders who are Bloomberg subscribers. That’s the highest level since the poll began in July 2009 and compares with less than one in three who are still hunkering down. The rest of investors in the poll conducted Jan. 20-24 describe the economic environment as getting back to normal.
********************************************************************** On a major milestone:
GM’s China sales pass US for first time in history DETROIT – General Motors Co. sold more cars and trucks in China last year than it did in the U.S., for the first time in the company’s 102-year history. GM’s global sales figure for 2010 was a dramatic 12 percent increase from 2009, a year in which it closed factories and was forced to take aid from the U.S. government to survive. Its sales in the U.S., including heavy-duty vehicles, rose 6.3 percent. But it did even better in China, selling 2.35 million vehicles there, up 29 percent as an expanding middle class gained wealth, making it the world’s largest car market. The showing in China was about 136,000 more than what GM sold in the U.S. Toyota, meanwhile, sold just 846,000 vehicles in China. The company said the expansion will generate 750 jobs for the Flint plant, which makes Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pickups and has been operating on two shifts per day. The last time the plant worked around the clock was in the second quarter of 2008.
Blog posted Dated: 1/24/11
********************************************************************** About the President's polling numbers:
“They’ve thrown the kitchen sink at him and he’s still above 50%”
CNN poll: President Obama at 55% Benen: This year, we can say with some certainty that there will be a sizable GOP field, but the fact remains that not one has begun campaigning in earnest. How come? Publicly, they’re filled with bravado — Obama misread the public, Obama’s agenda has been rejected, Obama’s outside the mainstream, yada yada yada. But behind closed doors, I have to wonder if some of these folks pause to appreciate the fact that they’ve thrown the kitchen sink at the president, and despite all kinds of problems, Obama’s approval rating is still 50% — and climbing.
********************************************************************** On Green Energy:
7 Big Green Moves by the Obama Administration
7. Offshore oil and gas drilling bans. It was a bit of an obvious call to put a moratorium on offshore oil and gas drilling in the midst of the horrific BP oil spill last year. Nonetheless, it was an important decision. Going further, later on in the year, the administration decided to cut regulatory shortcuts for deep-water drilling projects. It didn’t cut this fast-tracking for shallow-water drilling projects, unfortunately, but at least deep-water projects will receive more oversight. And, in December, the Obama administration extended some of the offshore oil and gas drilling bans that had been implemented in the summer for another 7 years. 6. Fast-tracking of clean tech patent approvals. To help the country roll out promising clean technologies faster, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has had a policy in place for about a year now to significantly speed up clean tech patent approvals. The program is reportedly doing well and helping more clean technology get to market and has been extended for another year. 5. EPA reversed largest Appalachian mountaintop removal permit in U.S. history. In a big move to help protect the mountains of West Virginia and the communities living in or near them, the EPA recently vetoed the largest single mountaintop removal permit in West Virginia history. This was a huge, unprecedented step that hopefully signals a reversal of mountaintop removal coal mining policies in the U.S. 4. Cape Wind, large offshore wind farm near Cape Cod, finally approved. After years of delay, the giant Cape Wind offshore wind energy project in the Northeast, the first offshore wind farm in the U.S., received approval from the U.S. Department of the Interior in early 2010. The offshore wind energy lease was signed a few months later. 3. Clean energy tax credits. Clean energy industries received a lot of support in 2009 when the Obama administration decided to give companies a “tax credit of 30% is for investment in new renewable energy manufacturing facilities and re-equipped or expanded facilities” as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. This program has been highly successful at creating jobs and improving the economy and has now been extended for another year (2011). 2. Over $10 billion invested in high-speed rail. Trying to catch the U.S. up to other countries around the world, the Obama administration has dedicated over $10 billion clean, efficient high-speed rail projects around the country. While this has been a topic of controversy lately due to Tea Party leaders’ illogical train hate, high-speed rail is popular in the U.S. and around the world for clear economic, quality of life, environmental, and social reasons. 1. The EPA ruled CO2 a pollutant. Due to the fact that CO2 is a major cause of global warming, the EPA finally ruled that CO2 was a pollutant and needed to be regulated in late 2009. With Congress essentially unwilling to address climate change, this ruling is likely to become a very important way for the U.S. to cut its global warming emissions relatively soon. To get things rolling, Obama recently transferred the regulation of greenhouse gases from refineries and coal plants emitting over 25,000 tons of greenhouse gases to the EPA. (Note: with plenty of support from the courts and science, climate zombies would have to find some really innovative, extreme ways to block the EPA from climate action now that this ruling is in place.)
The above are just an example of what BWD is capturing and reporting day in and day out 24x7. Go to her blog and check her calendar by date or better yet click on her Dailykos account to see past history of her mishmashes. Each day has its unique collection of different perspective from different credible sources that we can use to shape the message. BWD does her home work to bring those who believe in progress as progressives many mishmash information we can/should use to undue the misinformation myth that has been lingering for a long time by the RW idiots and some on the LW. If you think what BWD does is easy, all I have to say is just try doing it for one week. I personally can't do it with a full time job juggling my house and parenting chores. It is a damn hard thing to do and it takes dedication and the utmost commitment to wanting to elect more and better Democrats. She is relentless, witty and loyal Democrat who want to see progress and see the leader of the Democratic party succeed while cowardly characters like Glenn Greenwald continuing to forget progressive means to make PROGRESS. Kudos to Blackwaterdog. In my book, she has won the messaging award in the cyber-blog space.

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