HALF the bills supported average GOPers are to repeal the Affordable Care Act

Cross-posted at Eclectablog.com. The Republicans have now been in office two weeks so I thought it was worth taking stock of what they've accomplished. I've just completed a rather in-depth analysis of the bills and resolutions that all 242 GOP members of the House (not the Senate) have either sponsored or co-sponsored. What I found was that, on the average, 46% of the bills/resolutions an average GOP member of the House has sponsored or co-sponsored are directly related to either repealing all or some of the Affordable Care Act or to defunding it so that it will fail. Nearly half. 13 (maybe 14) bills are involved. 3 resolutions. In just two weeks. Want to guess how many jobs bills they've introduced? You got it: ZERO. These are the bills that I looked at:
H.R.2 : Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act H.R.4 : Small Business Paperwork Mandate Elimination Act of 2011 H.R.21 : Reclaiming Individual Liberty Act H.R.38 : To rescind funds appropriated to the Health Insurance Reform Implementation Fund under the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010. H.R.105 : Empowering Patients First Act H.R.118 : Stop the Federal Exchanges from Destroying States Act H.R.127 : To deauthorize appropriation of funds to carry out the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010. H.R.141 : To repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010. H.R.144 : Small Business Paperwork Mandate Elimination Act of 2011 H.R.145 : Revoke Excessive Policies that Encroach on American Liberties (REPEAL) Act H.R.154 : Defund the Individual Mandate Act H.R.215 : To repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and title I of the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 while preserving the reauthorization of the Indian Health Care Improvement Act. H.R.299 : To repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010, repeal the 7.5 percent threshold on the deduction for medical expenses, provide for increased funding for high-risk pools, allow acquiring health insurance across State lines, and allow for the creation of association health plans. This next one is too fresh so the text of it isn't up yet but it was introduced by Rep. William Thornberry [R-TX13] so I suspect it will be a repeal bill. I did NOT include it in the analysis: H.R.315 : To reduce the amount of paperwork and improve payment policies for health care services, to prevent fraud and abuse through health care provider education, and for other purposes. The next three are resolutions: H.RES.9 : Instructing certain committees to report legislation replacing the job-killing health care law H.RES.26 : Providing for consideration of the bill (H.R. 2) to repeal the job-killing health care law and health care-related provisions in the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010; providing for consideration of the resolution (H. Res. 9) instructing certain committees to report legislation replacing the job-killing health care law; and for other purposes. H.J.RES.19 : Disapproving a rule submitted by the Department of Health and Human Services relating to "Health Insurance Issuers Implementing Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) Requirements Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act".
So, that's what they've been up to. Below, you'll see a table with all 242 GOP members of the House and their legislative history for the past two weeks. The first number in the third column shows the number of these bills and resolutions that they've sponsored or co-sponsored and the last column shows the percentage of that total represented by bills to repeal, in part or in its entirety, the Affordable Care Act. Interestingly, John Boehner hasn't sponsored or co-sponsored any bills or resolutions. Only two other Republicans haven't signed onto to any bills yet. Also, 29 Republican Representatives have a score of 100%. It appears they only reason they came to Congress is to get rid of this law. It should also be noted that there are no less than FIVE bills to eradicate the estate tax (that only impacts the more-money-than-God segment of our society) and there are literally SEVEN bills calling for a balanced federal budget. But, still: no jobs bills. Not from the GOP anyway. It's going to be a long two years...
NameDistrictRepeal vs. total%
Don YoungAK-at large3/2313%
Jo BonnerAL-013/650%
Martha RobyAL-020/00%
Mike RogersAL-035/1242%
Robert AderholtAL-042/825%
Morris BrooksAL-054/944%
Spencer BachusAL-063/1127%
Eric CrawfordAR-013/1225%
Tim GriffinAR-023/475%
Steve WomackAR-033/560%
Paul GosarAZ-014/580%
Trent FranksAZ-025/1828%
Ben QuayleAZ-033/475%
David SchweikertAZ-051/1100%
Jeff FlakeAZ-063/650%
Wally HergerCA-022/1118%
Dan LungrenCA-032/633%
Tom McClintockCA-046/2425%
Jeff DenhamCA-194/4100%
Devin NunesCA-211/250%
Kevin McCarthyCA-222/367%
Elton GalleglyCA-243/1817%
Howard McKeonCA-253/933%
David DreierCA-265/1338%
Ed RoyceCA-403/1323%
Jerry LewisCA-413/650%
Gary MillerCA-424/1429%
Ken CalvertCA-443/1421%
Mary Bono MackCA-453/650%
Dana RohrabacherCA-462/922%
John CampbellCA-484/1331%
Darrell IssaCA-493/1916%
Brian BilbrayCA-503/2015%
Duncan HunterCA-526/1932%
Scott TiptonCO-033/3100%
Cory GardnerCO-044/1136%
Doug LambornCO-056/2524%
Mike CoffmanCO-067/1937%
Jeff MillerFL-015/1533%
Steve SoutherlandFL-024/580%
Ander CrenshawFL-043/475%
Richard NugentFL-056/1060%
Cliff StearnsFL-063/2214%
John MicaFL-072/540%
Daniel WebsterFL-082/2100%
Gus BilirakisFL-093/838%
Bill YoungFL-101/1100%
Dennis RossFL-125/1926%
Vern BuchananFL-133/838%
Connie MackFL-144/944%
Bill PoseyFL-154/1724%
Thomas RooneyFL-162/540%
Ileana Ros-LehtinenFL-182/367%
Mario Diaz-BalartFL-213/475%
Allen B. WestFL-223/838%
Sandy AdamsFL-243/475%
David RiveraFL-252/2100%
Jack KingstonGA-012/1217%
Lynn WestmorelandGA-035/1926%
Tom PriceGA-063/650%
Rob WoodallGA-073/933%
Austin ScottGA-082/633%
Tom GravesGA-094/1040%
Paul BrounGA-105/2520%
Phil GingreyGA-115/2322%
Tom LathamIA-042/2100%
Steve KingIA-052/1712%
Raul LabradorID-013/3100%
Mike SimpsonID-025/1338%
Peter RoskamIL-063/560%
Joe WalshIL-084/850%
Robert DoldIL-102/2100%
Adam KinzingerIL-113/560%
Judy BiggertIL-133/1421%
Randy HultgrenIL-142/450%
Timothy JohnsonIL-153/3100%
Don ManzulloIL-163/1916%
Robert SchillingIL-172/450%
Aaron SchockIL-184/1233%
John ShimkusIL-192/922%
Marlin StutzmanIN-031/714%
Todd RokitaIN-042/540%
Dan BurtonIN-057/3023%
Mike PenceIN-063/1323%
Larry BucshonIN-084/580%
Todd C. YoungIN-092/450%
Tim HuelskampKS-015/1631%
Lynn JenkinsKS-025/1050%
Kevin YoderKS-032/2100%
Michael PompeoKS-043/1225%
Edward WhitfieldKY-012/540%
Brett GuthrieKY-023/475%
Geoff DavisKY-043/743%
Harold RogersKY-053/1127%
Steve ScaliseLA-014/2218%
Jeff LandryLA-032/450%
John FlemingLA-044/1625%
Rodney AlexanderLA-053/1127%
Bill CassidyLA-063/650%
Charles BoustanyLA-073/743%
Andy HarrisMD-011/1100%
Roscoe BartlettMD-064/2218%
Dan BenishekMI-013/3100%
Bill HuizengaMI-022/540%
Justin AmashMI-032/2100%
Dave CampMI-041/1100%
Fred UptonMI-063/560%
Tim WalbergMI-076/1638%
Mike RogersMI-082/540%
Candice MillerMI-103/933%
Thad McCotterMI-113/560%
John KlineMN-023/1030%
Erik PaulsenMN-032/367%
Michele BachmannMN-065/1533%
Chip CravaackMN-083/718%
Todd AkinMO-024/1625%
Vicky HartzlerMO-043/650%
Sam GravesMO-063/838%
Billy LongMO-074/1233%
Jo Ann EmersonMO-083/1225%
Blaine LuetkemeyerMO-092/825%
Alan NunneleeMS-013/475%
Gregg HarperMS-033/838%
Steve PalazzoMS-041/1100%
Dennis RehbergMT-at large5/1145%
Renee EllmersNC-024/850%
Walter Jones, Jr.NC-036/2425%
Virginia FoxxNC-052/1811%
Howard CobleNC-063/743%
Sue MyrickNC-094/2119%
Patrick McHenryNC-102/825%
Rick BergND-at large2/2100%
Jeff FortenberryNE-012/1414%
Lee TerryNE-024/1136%
Adrian SmithNE-032/450%
Frank GuintaNH-012/2100%
Charles BassNH-022/633%
Frank LoBiondoNJ-023/560%
Jon RunyanNJ-032/367%
Chris SmithNJ-042/450%
Scott GarrettNJ-055/2025%
Leonard LanceNJ-073/650%
Rodney FrelinghuysenNJ-113/3100%
Steve PearceNM-025/1533%
Dean HellerNV-023/650%
Joseph HeckNV-031/1100%
Pete KingNY-032/633%
Michael GrimmNY-132/450%
Nan A. S. HayworthNY-194/1040%
Christopher GibsonNY-202/2100%
Richard HannaNY-242/633%
Ann Marie BuerkleNY-254/757%
Chris LeeNY-263/560%
Tom ReedNY-294/850%
Steve ChabotOH-013/933%
Jean SchmidtOH-024/1429%
Michael TurnerOH-033/1718%
Jim JordanOH-040/40%
Bob LattaOH-054/1921%
Bill JohnsonOH-062/367%
Steve AustriaOH-072/2100%
John BoehnerOH-080/00%
Patrick TiberiOH-123/3100%
Steven LaTouretteOH-143/560%
Steve StiversOH-152/367%
James RenacciOH-165/956%
Bob GibbsOH-184/1331%
John SullivanOK-013/933%
Frank LucasOK-033/475%
Tom ColeOK-043/1030%
James LankfordOK-054/944%
Greg WaldenOR-023/650%
Mike KellyPA-032/2100%
Glenn ThompsonPA-052/729%
Jim GerlachPA-062/540%
Patrick MeehanPA-072/367%
Mike FitzpatrickPA-083/475%
Bill ShusterPA-092/633%
Tom MarinoPA-103/475%
Louis BarlettaPA-112/367%
Charlie DentPA-154/667%
Joe PittsPA-164/1136%
Tim MurphyPA-182/633%
Todd Russell PlattsPA-193/1030%
Tim ScottSC-013/650%
Joe WilsonSC-024/2218%
Jeff DuncanSC-034/1331%
Trey GowdySC-042/450%
Mick MulvaneySC-054/580%
Kristi NoemSD-at large2/2100%
David RoeTN-014/1822%
John DuncanTN-023/1127%
Chuck FleischmannTN-034/4100%
Scott DesJarlaisTN-042/367%
Diane BlackTN-064/667%
Marsha BlackburnTN-074/3213%
Stephen Lee FincherTN-081/1100%
Louie GohmertTX-013/1520%
Ted PoeTX-024/1625%
Sam JohnsonTX-033/1421%
Ralph HallTX-043/1421%
Jeb HensarlingTX-052/1118%
Joe BartonTX-063/1323%
John CulbersonTX-075/1242%
Kevin BradyTX-086/1932%
Michael McCaulTX-102/1217%
Mike ConawayTX-116/2030%
Kay GrangerTX-123/650%
Mac ThornberryTX-132/633%
Ron PaulTX-143/2214%
Bill FloresTX-175/956%
Randy NeugebauerTX-193/1421%
Lamar SmithTX-213/743%
Pete OlsonTX-224/1921%
Francisco CansecoTX-234/667%
Kenny MarchantTX-244/1331%
Michael BurgessTX-264/1429%
Blake FarentholdTX-275/956%
John R. CarterTX-314/1921%
Pete SessionsTX-325/1533%
Rob BishopUT-017/2330%
Jason ChaffetzUT-035/2025%
Rob WittmanVA-013/1619%
E. Scott RigellVA-022/540%
J. Randy ForbesVA-042/922%
Robert HurtVA-053/650%
Bob GoodlatteVA-062/922%
Eric CantorVA-071/425%
Morgan GriffithVA-093/560%
Frank WolfVA-102/540%
Jaime HerreraWA-032/2100%
Doc HastingsWA-042/2100%
Cathy McMorris RodgersWA-054/1921%
Dave ReichertWA-082/367%
Paul RyanWI-013/560%
James Sensenbrenner, Jr.WI-052/729%
Tom PetriWI-064/667%
Sean DuffyWI-072/450%
Reid RibbleWI-082/1118%
David McKinleyWV-014/1429%
Shelley Moore CapitoWV-022/450%
Cynthia LummisWY-at large3/1520%
I'm just sayin'...

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