Tuesday Open Thread: What Lame Duck Congress?

lame duck watch (Credit TRMS)So, we caused quite a bit of stir yesterday on Democratic Underground - to the point where a moderator there had to lock the thread discussing this article on racism on the Left fringe.  Funny part is I had no clue it was even being discussed there.

But yes, we were talking about the so-called Lame Duck Congress.  There's a reason it's called lame duck.  Nothing tends to get done in a lame duck Congress.  Well, this one's different.
  • The Lame Duck Congress passed, and the President just signed into law, the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, expanding the federal school lunches program to include an additional 115,000 children.
  • The Food Safety Modernization Act seems on its way to passage in the Senate and then to the President for his autograph.
  • The CALM Act, which mandates that TV commercials be no louder than the program in which they run, passed.
  • The House is taking up DADT repeal again (a stand alone bill) and it sure as heck looks like they will shame the Senate into voting for their version of the stand-alone bill sponsored by Lieberman and Collins as well.
Not to mention, the tax rate and unemployment extension deal may clear the Senate as early as today, and the House by the end of this week, with Majority Leader Hoyer indicating that the House will likely vote on the Senate bill without much, if any, changes.  Remember that is a $900 billion bill with major policy implications. Last but not least, as BWD reminds us in the comments, the START treaty is also coming right up.

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