Tuesday Open Thread: New Year's Resolutions

So I figured we're going to have kind of a light open thread today.  Anyone thought about their new year's resolutions - that is if you make them?  I usually don't care to make much of those, but my one of resolutions this year is to read a few more books - the non-fiction political kind.  Another is to really build this place - The People's View - up.  Sorry it's been a little sluggish the last few days here, but we'll pick back up, I promise.  And lastly, my resolution is to be at my best for the local non-profit I and a few others are working away at.

Anyone else here have new year's resolutions?  If not, what are your thoughts - politically, personally, whatever - as this year draws to a close and a new one begins?  What are you going to do more of?  Pursue a hobby that you have neglected, maybe?

Politically, the next year should be very very interesting and rancorous.  I bet Speaker Boehner's first bill will be to try to repeal the tanning tax!  And can Harry Reid eat some more Republican lunch?  We'll see.

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