Sunday Open Thread: Reading TPV is NOT Like Getting the Paper Early

Time for a Sunday open thread.  To lead this discussion thread off, I want to talk a little about something the top blogger in the blog establishment prides himself on: how reading his blog is like getting the paper early.  Funny that even in 2008 they couldn't contain themselves from faulting Barack Obama and Democrats at every turn, but I digress.

Well, The People's View is pointedly not like getting the paper early.  No, reading TPV is more like making some sense of what you just read in the paper.  To do that, I can't give you the paper early.  See, this whole research and analysis thing on issues takes some time.  I also always found something bizarre about the "get the paper early" meme for a progressive blog.  One of things ripping apart the fabric of American society is the media's rush to get the story, and get it first.  In the process, the media often misses critical details, talking heads take over for serious analysis, and sometimes they just get it flat wrong.  Why would we want the same thing in the "new media?"  No, I'm not interested in getting it first.  I'm interested in getting it right.

That's all.  Have at it.  This is your open thread.  Oh by the way, the last 2 days, we broke 100 comments twice!

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