Sunday Evening Open Thread: Our Next Steps

In today's open thread, I wanted to give the community some updates on where we're going as community.  In the last month or so, traffic on this site has increased significantly, thanks to all of you.  Here are a couple of things that have been developing behind the scenes:

Resources: I have started working with a member of this community who offered technical help to start building a resources wiki for information as well as activism.  Contacting Congress, media (web, print, TV, radio), and local activism is going to be the focus.  I hope to take it live not too far into the future.  Once the wiki is live, trusted members from here will be invited to contribute so that it's a real, decentralized, social effort.

Content: I am also getting in contact with more talents to contribute and improve content on this site.  In the not too distant future, we hope to feature this content.

We're getting attention, including from the fringe left and fringe right attempts to inject poison in the comments.  Those of you who have been following know that I have dealt with them pretty strongly to preserve the atmosphere here, and I will continue to do so.  We've also been getting attention in terms of some on the screaming ideological blogosphere, albeit on Twitter, heh.  Whether it means we're making a dent - I hope we could start to.

There are ways you can help spread the word.  Share your favorite articles from this blog on Facebook, Twitter, or just in email with your friends, family - especially the ones you think might be interested in the subject matter.  If you participate in other blogs - particularly ones with the constant whining attitude, let those who are friendly there know about us.  Let people know about TPV and our friends and that there are real, level headed progressive voices out here and not just screaming, ideologically rigid screaming heads.  Also if you feel you or anyone you know would like a guest post to contribute, feel free to contact me.

Thank you everyone again for being here and for growing this community.  We'll keep it up!  With that, here's your open thread.

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