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Perhaps 80% of the "progressive" blog content since the 2008 primary elections has been an exercise in fantasy speech writing from people who are convinced in their own minds that poor, dumb, uneducated, confused, naive etc. Barack Obama would do better if they got to write a script for him. The condescending presumption and often barely concealed racism of this torrent of advice was shocking before it became just boring. What was forgotten is that the bloggers need someone to write scripts for them - and, as a public service, here are a few.

Markos of DailyKos needs to write a blog post that goes like this:
I wasted two years of great opportunity by letting the megaphone that I and so many others worked to create turn into a plaything of the main stream media we used to mock. Instead of building an independent news stream that would push back against the tsunami of trivia and right wing spin points that splashes out from corporate media and the interlocking network of right wing "think tanks" and PR shops, I got distracted and confused and let my blog become a contributor to this waste stream. At the peak of the health care reform battle, we put wingnut spinner Michael Barone on the front page and endorsed his argument that Democrats should cave to Republican intransigence - that should have been an overdue wakeup call to me, but I pushed the snooze button and slept through it. Looking over DailyKos front page for the last two years, I can see that we never even tried to set the agenda to focus on key progressive issues like wealth inequality or environment. Sure we had some occasional commentary, some of it great, but there was nothing sustained. Instead, we let cable news set our agenda, repeatedly allowing them to panic us and to set the frame for discussion. Now, looking back over the absolute catastrophe of the 2010 elections: the $10million wasted helping the Republicans take the Senate seat in Arkansas, our support of replacing Arlen Specter with Pat Toomey, the 100% defeat of all the candidates who took the net neutrality pledge - I can see that we failed. All I can do is ask your forgiveness as we try to make this a place where people come for information and inspiration instead of glib defeatism and echoes from Huffington Post.
Meteor Blades of DailyKos, who is supposed to be supervising comments, needs to write this:
For someone who had experience seeing the 1970s "Progressive Labor Party" destroy a popular movement and strangle off grassroots participation with abusive bullying and dogmatic sloganeering passed off as "analysis", my failure to see and combat the same process at DailyKos over the last two years is inexplicable. In fact, as "criticism" that masked intolerance of dissent from a crabbed and ultimately reactionary point of view drowned out enthusiasm and repeatedly pushed away valuable contributors, I deluded myself that the "critics" were advocating a more vigorous and principled left-wing politics. Even when user contributed economic diaries became infused with calls to abolish the Federal Reserve and buy precious metals, as if Ron Paul was the guru of progressive economic policy, I pretended not to see. All I can do to excuse myself is to say that I let my disappointment in the complexity and difficulty of the struggle overcome my sense of fairness. Today, Dailykos has a toxic commenting environment, but that has to stop.
David Dayen of FireDoglake needs to write the following:
I will fact check. I will fact check. I will fact check. I will never again believe anything I get from Jane Hamsher without getting 12 signed eye-witness reports, viewing a complete video, and asking outside peer reviewers to sign off. I apologize for saying Nancy Pelosi committed the House to vote on the Deficit Commission recommendations, for repeating a smear of Dick Durbin, and generally for acting as a clueless, naive conduit for bullshit. I promise to act like an I.F. Stone journalist from now on, not like a Jake Tapper type stenographer with just slightly different sources. And I will trust Politico no more than I trust Jane. So help me.
and so on.

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