Update at 12:30 Pacific: The YEAs are 65, the Nays 31; the motion to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell is adopted.  Congress passes DADT repeal and sends it to the President!  Press conference on Repeal on C-Span in just a bit.

Highlight from Press conference (Update at 1:10 pm Pacific): Lieberman reveals that President Obama has been working the phones over the past two weeks, calling undecided Senators.  Thank you, Mr. President!

Here's the mishmash:  This year, the President promised. This year.

House passed DADT repeal, twice. Here are two amazing speeches from the floor of the House:

Speaker Pelosi:

Civil Rights hero Rep. John Lewis (please rise, if you are able):

Sen. Joe Lieberman, of all people, held the line in the Senate, refusing to give up when the Republicans kept blocking the Defense Authorization bill containing repeal. He made sure the stand alone bill gets a vote, and he stuck up for those who want to serve:

Moment of reckoning: Senate GOP whining on the floor before the inevitable happened and cloture passed:

Only one video left to come: The President signing the repeal.  When that happens, I will bring it to you.  This is a beautiful day.  Let us thank the Senators, the House, the President, and most of all, those who serve our country in uniform with honor and with distinction.

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When The News Settled In...

UPDATED - Thank You Mr. President! My Holiday Checklist Being Delivered(With Pics)