Christmas Eve Open Thread: White House Staff Shakeup, Biden Says Gay Marriage Inevitable

Hope everyone is having a great Christmas eve!  So as the President heads to Hawaii (I hear the weather is great there this time of the year!), some things are coming to look forward to in the next year: a White House staff shuffle is coming.  With the Republicans taking over the House, the President is going to focus on what the executive can do, in terms of governing, as well as get the President's re-election efforts started.  2012, here we come.  David Plouffe is back!
The first personnel change inside the White House is the arrival of David Plouffe, who managed Mr. Obama’s presidential campaign. For the last two years, Mr. Plouffe has been one of the president’s closest outside confidants, but he is set to replace Mr. Axelrod as his chief political adviser, with a broad portfolio.
In other news, Vice President Biden was on Good Morning America and predicted that a broad change in public attitude will eventually make marriage equality inevitable.  Here's video from the VP's interview:

Once again, happy holidays to all!

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